August of 1976 a Saturn IB blasted off from Vandenberg AFB in California.  Ensign LaVine (the Secret Astronaut) was onbard, taking Leonov's place.  Astronauts Rutledge and Snyder were with me as we went to the Moon!






     Although a 'mind wipe' was done I now remember everything from the mission brief onboard USS Ogden in the Pacific to the capsule landing in the Pacific at the end of the mission.  The Navy knew I had done Apollo 17 and 18.  Leonov had become ill in Norway and couldn't do the secret Apollo 20 mission.  So I was hastily selected and sent via a Harrier Jump Jet to an underground launch facility at Vandenberg AFB.  What followed was one of the most breathtaking NASA missions ever!

     I took all the pictures because that kept me out of the videos.  I was 'The Secret Astronaut'.  JON HAROLD LAVINE


P.S.  I believe that non-human Aliens had entered the Alien Ship long before we arrived.  The compartments--and we went through many--were cleaned out.  The 'cockpit' with the direct computer connect (the bump on Mona Lisa's forehead) and the finger panels were all intact as well as Mona Lisa's body and the Gray that was beside her.  The door to the cockpit wasn't an ordinary compartment hatch.  It looked like a bank vault door!  I don't think that non-human Aliens were able to enter the cockpit.  We had special equipment and did manage to get through that thick steel door.


I believe these panels came from the Roswell crash.  But they are identical to the panels in the Apollo 20 mission Alien Ship.


Added bonus!


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