In order to preserve the sense of the first game, Blizzard are taking a similar strategy with classic gold wow. The game launched in roughly the exact same condition as vanilla WoW was following its release, and they'll be rolling out additional content in various phases, following more or less the exact same order as the first in order to preserve the intended progression.

The sport has just entered Phase 3 of the plan, together with the initial Battlegrounds -- Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley -- was published in December. On the PvE side of matters, Phase 3 also promised the launch of this Blackwing Lair raid, in addition to the coming of the Darkmoon Faire, and Blizzard have now announced when these can be expected. a The Blackwing Lair attunement quest, which gamers will have to complete so as to enter the raid, will arrive on January 10.

This represents a rest from tradition for Blizzard, who in the retail game have consistently unlocked fresh raids at different occasions for North America, Europe, and Asia. It has long been a point of contention for those who participate in or follow the race for the world first completion at a brand new raid, but for Blackwing Lair it seems everyone will start on a level footing. Whether Blizzard might look at making the exact same change for retail in the future remains to be seen.

The other big news is the arrival of the Darkmoon Faire, that will be a world event offering games, loot, and more -- including the much sought-after Darkmoon Decks. The Faire will put in Mulgore and Elwyn Forest, with buy wow gold classic all the festivities launch on February 10.