Physical fitness is an important part of the human experience, but social distancing means that your family is lacking in the normal means of getting regular exercise. That lack of exercise causes problems for both your body and your mind, so you need to take the necessary steps to stay active and healthy without exposing yourself to unnecessary dangers. Here’s what you need to know.

Get a Swimming Pool

One great way to give your whole family a way to get fit at home is buy a new swimming pool. While younger kids can enjoy a kiddie pool, a family pool needs to be substantially larger. Standing pools are a great fit for families with older kids or teenagers, but then that excludes younger children. The best option is an inground pool with a shallow end and a deep end, but these can be prohibitively expensive for many families. However, swimming pool financing companies offer a solution in the form of pool loans that can allow you to pay for this major cost in affordable monthly installments. The beauty of a swimming pool is that almost everyone enjoys swimming or otherwise being in a body of water. Swimming is a great form of exercise, because it serves as both cardio and a workout for the arms and legs. Diving can help to expand the capacity of your lungs as a result of holding your breath, and the list goes on.

Hiking and Camping Trips

Another classic way for your family to get a workout without sacrificing isolation is to have a wilderness adventure. Hiking and camping are great ways to stay in shape and burn some calories, because both activities ask you to spend more time on your feet. Hiking in particular is great exercise, and camping provides a nice balance of physical activity and a much needed change of scenery. Natural scenery and a change of pace are an important part of managing your mental health, and the fresh air couldn’t hurt, either. Simply being able to get out of the house without giving up your safety can make a world of difference, and these woodland adventures are often great bonding opportunities. Spending time together in the wilderness brings people together, and this can be chalked up to a couple key factors. For one thing, that kind of rustic living can give you a sense of what life might have been like in the past, and depending on each other in the unknown wilderness forms a stronger bond than the same arrangement in the safety of civilization.

Backyard Sports

Parents and children bonding over amateur sporting events at home is nothing new, but this time honored tradition has fallen somewhat out of favor as people spend more time indoors engaging in digital recreation. The current circumstances can give this kind of activity new life, as it offers you a way to keep your family active and engaged in your own backyard. Younger kids should stick to wiffle ball or volleyball with a beach ball to avoid injury, but older kids can more safely engage with higher level sports like baseball or basketball. Teenagers or kids who already play can play football in relative safety, but this is up to your own discretion. One of the best things about playing sports with your family at home is that you can teach them the rules of classic sports, and that can stimulate the mind in addition to offering much needed exercise. If your children already play school sports, this can also serve as some practice to make sure they’re ready to play again once they’re back in school, and they won’t need as much education in terms of the rules of the game.


Keeping your family active is important, but that can be complicated these days. That being said, approaching the situation with the imagination of a child will yield some creative ways to keep your family fit and healthy during isolation.