Bad days: nobody likes them or wants to have them, but they're a natural part of life. They can range from just a bad day at work to a breakup or loss of a friend, and they can be  difficult to deal with. This can result in the person feeling like everything is going to go wrong and their life is going to get worse from there. It only takes a few minutes to reset your mind and remind yourself that a bad day does not equate a bad life. The following self-care tips will get you back on track to feeling better.

Bundle Up With a Movie

With the colder months rolling in, you'll want to prepare yourself accordingly. Part of your autumn plans may include staying in and binge-watching your favorite TV show or starting a movie marathon. You may complement your binge-watching activities with a giant fleece fabric blanket and hot chocolate, coffee, or any beverage of your choice. You'll feel cozy and uplifted after the fact, guaranteed.

Cook Some Comfort Food

Everyone has at least one favorite comfort food they love to indulge in. Does this apply to you? Make a dish or two to dine on as you tend to yourself after your bad day. If you don't have a favorite comfort food, now is a perfect time to search for your next new recipe. You'll learn about new foods and try new things all at once, so it's a win-win situation.

Make a Cup of Tea

Tea is a wonderful beverage for its multiple health benefits and its ability to be customized in any way one desires. Herbal teas such as chamomile are best for anyone who's had an awful day and just wants to unwind. Caffeinated teas such as the black and green varieties are great for giving you a pick-me-up without making you jittery. These can also be useful for getting into the creative mood.

Engage in a Creative Hobby

One of the best ways to heal after a bad day or trauma is by creating anything, whether it be music, visual art, or poetry. In general, creativity is proven to have powerful mental health benefits, so there's no reason to skip out on crafting the next new masterpiece. Even if you aren't fantastic at any kind of art, there's no harm in trying. Making mistakes is part of the process—it's how you learn and improve.

Take a Walk

Nature is therapeutic and healing for the heart, mind, body, and soul. A walk down your neighborhood or through a park is one of the best cures for unhappiness. While you traverse through flora and fauna, take note of what you see, especially if you've never paid much attention to wildlife in your walks. And if applicable, once you finish you can treat yourself to a sweet treat, if you wish.

Draw a Hot Bath

Few things in the world are better than a hot bath with the works. Throw some citrus slices in your bath, light a few candles, and soak in the warmth of the comforting water. There are multiple ways to customize your bath to your liking, so choose a combination that works for you. If you're feeling lazy, throw a bath bomb in the mix and watch the water change color and make magic before your eyes.


Sometimes, it's as simple as just being. A few minutes of meditation in the day, particularly after a bad day, can really make a difference in your mindset. Sit in a quiet space in your home and clear your mind to focus and be in the present moment. By doing this, you practice mindfulness and teach yourself gratefulness for the little things and the big ones, too.


Give yourself time to roll through the emotions, then take up one of these healing activities to get back on track. Healthiness and happiness come from within, so take care of yourself and remember that this too shall pass.