The  politics of education  is a complex one. Teachers often aren't permitted to construct their own lesson plans fully. Instead, they're guided by the rules of the school district and state requirements. There is flexibility in certain areas. For example, when it comes to science, there are some leniencies as far as incorporating experiments and textbooks. Though there are perks to having consistency across the state, it is important to realize that every child is unique in how they learn.


When trying to decide whether or not you should allow teachers to utilize a textbook and their own curriculum versus purchasing a complete science program through reputable program developers like Lab-Aids, It would be beneficial to look at the positives of selecting a core curriculum that has already been developed.



Textbook Learners Versus Hands-On


Many students respond well to  middle school science textbooks. At the same time, others face challenges with only learning concepts out of a book. Some students require having hands-on, more engaging activities to develop the learning of specific ideas. It has already been proven numerous times that solely doing online learning doesn’t help the majority of students. There are problems with this type of education. The biggest being engaging the student, keeping them focused, and not having one on one time with their teachers to understand or have questions answered. 


Have you found that nearly ¼ of your students struggle with science concepts when there aren’t complementing activities available? What if there was a way that you could introduce these concepts in a fun way, while still providing the firm educational requirements set by your state? Lab-Aids’ science curriculum for secondary education students does precisely that. Not only can teachers stress less about creating a fully functional curriculum for students, but it also eliminates all the guesswork of meeting the requirements of your state’s school board. 





Cost is always a massive factor for teachers and school districts. One concern you may have is whether the price of a put-together program versus textbook only would outweigh each other. However, this is not the case. Having everything rolled into one allows teachers an easier way to instruct without the hassles of having to procure materials or establish labs to accompany the textbook. 


If it seems every year, the cost keeps rising, consider an all-in-one solution for your science program. Kits from Lab-Aids are perfect for classrooms up to 32 students and come with everything you need including textbooks, experiments, and online resources to enhance educational performance.