It's recommended that the average person spends 30 minutes a day getting some form of exercise. While it's a great goal to have that can yield amazing results, it's not always an easy one to reach. It's a well-known fact that life is demanding, that sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day, and that sometimes exercise just feels tedious or even boring. Maybe you're uninspired or haven't found your niche yet, or maybe what you're doing isn't agreeing with your body the way you had hoped.

If you fall into the camp of the bored, the uninspired or the sore, challenge yourself to try a new approach so you have a better chance of reaching your fitness goals. Keep reading to learn more about why swimming should be in line for your next workout.


It's a No-Frills, Easy and Gentle Approach to Exercise


If you're someone who can't get on board with traditional exercise for whatever reason — maybe working out with different equipment isn't appealing, group workout classes make you uncomfortable, or you're dealing with an injury that makes exercising painful or even impossible — don't give up.


If you have access to a pool, you have the chance to treat your body to one of the best workouts it's ever had. Not only is the act of swimming very simple, it's gentle on your entire body. This is ideal for anyone with current or past injuries who finds traditional exercise prohibitive. Chances are once you try it, you'll want to make it part of your daily routine. For example, spend some time researching custom pools in Santa Rosa Beach. If you have the space at home, why not fill it with something that will improve your life each time you use it?

If you're looking to add a bit more challenge to your time in the water, don't forget about pool workouts. These are nearly identical to what's done in a gym but without the impact (and the sweat), making them a great choice for anyone with injuries or limited mobility.

It's a Great Way to Balance Everything Out


Did you know that getting in the pool is a great way to kick everyday stress, anxiety and even signs of depression to the curb? It's a wonderful way to practice a more mindful lifestyle, which is key in managing anxiety. Also, in addition to the endorphins released during exercise that leave you feeling on top of the world, swimming touts some of its own water-specific strong points as well. For instance, being in the water stimulates blood flow to the brain, and being surrounded by the color blue (hello, backyard pool) is known to bring along a sense of calm. The aerobic exercise you get from swimming is also wonderful for encouraging quality sleep, which is something everyone greatly benefits from.


It Works Your Entire Body

When you're exercising, you're likely aiming to burn calories, strengthen your heart and lungs, build muscle and lose fat. It's common to rotate workouts throughout the week in order to touch on the important things (cardio and strength) equally. While this is an ideal plan, keeping up with it isn't always possible. The solution? Get in the pool — it's a surefire way to cross both workouts off your list. You can rest easy knowing that your time spent in the water will strengthen not only your lungs and heart, but your muscles too. How's that for effective?



What's more, studies have shown that regular swimmers are actually able to postpone the aging process. Increased time in the water means a stronger body, and the low-impact nature of swimming means there's much smaller chance for fractures and other injuries. If you haven't added swimming to your exercise routine, now is the perfect time to do it. Grab your suit and jump in.