With everything going on these days--balancing the pandemic with life at home and work--you could probably use something to help you feel a little more calm when things get stressful. When you run out of tea bags and scented candles, you'll need something to fall back on that will help you breathe easy and stay sane.


This is where meditation comes in. Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn't just for professionals and yogis, and you don't need to have years of experience to be good at it. Mediation is for everyone, and can make a massive difference in your mental and physical health. Here are 5 worthwhile benefits of meditation.


Reduces Stress

Want to soothe your pounding heart and those nagging knots in your stomach? Meditation is used as one of the most common efforts to reduce stress, and it doesn't disappoint. Unnecessary stress can affect your sleep and eating patterns, and it can lead to depression and anxiety. However, research shows that meditation does a great deal to decrease stress--while also reducing the symptoms of stress-related conditions. So if you have a big paper due or an especially stressful work project, taking a few minutes to meditate and recenter yourself might just do the trick.


Improves Body Image

While meditation helps reduce stress and stress-related conditions, it also improves body image. Body image issues are incredibly common, and most people have experienced them at some point in their lives. But meditation can help. Practicing meditation increases your ability for self-compassion and appreciation; in other words, meditation helps you become confident and satisfied in your own skin. Meditation also works well in conjunction with Thrive products, which provide you with vitamins and supplements you need to feel energized and alive. Read about what is thrive to feel like your happiest and healthiest self.


Enhances Self Awareness

Meditation allows you to connect with yourself on a level that you've never experienced before, and you will feel like you know yourself more deeply than ever. By spending reflective and meaningful time with yourself through meditation, you can explore your relationship with yourself and with others. You can better understand your thoughts and feelings so that you can work toward controlling your fears and your anxieties. This will provide a massive boost to your mental health, and all this introspective understanding is certainly worth a few minutes of quiet time per day.


Lengthens Attention Span

You've probably struggled to get through more than one school or work assignment, distracted by your phone or your family or whatever else might be around you that day. Meditation can help! It lengthens your attention span in the same way that running increases your endurance: practice makes perfect. Practicing focusing on your breathing and your mindfulness during meditation allows you to practice expanding your attention span. Research shows that even just four short days of meditation could have a huge impact on allowing you to read, work, and focus for longer.


Improves Sleep

As essential to your health that sleeping is, it can be hard, especially when there are millions of thoughts swirling through your head as you're trying to slip into unconsciousness. However, people who practice meditation actually have better sleeping patterns, and meditation is a proven cure for insomnia. A basic sleep meditation includes eyes closed, slow breathing that requires you to focus on your inhales and exhales rather than your thoughts. A before bed meditation will allow you to fall into your sweet dreams quickly and painlessly.


Meditation is a safe and easy way to improve your overall quality of life. Meditation reduces stress, improves body image, enhances self awareness, lengthens attention span, and improves sleep--creating a healthier, happier you. And the best part? All it takes is a comfortable spot and a couple of minutes each day. Practice makes perfect, and you'll soon feel as zen as can be.