If everyone went by the old saying, "You're only as old as you feel," a lot of people would probably be claiming to be much older than they actually are. That's because life is demanding, and with everything a person has to accomplish in one day, it can make them feel like they're dragging from day to day--especially if you're trying to raise a family.


Everyone wants to feel young and healthy. You would have a hard time finding someone who could honestly tell you they didn't. The truth is, you can feel young. You just need to change some of your habits. Here are five tips for how to feel young and stay healthy.


  1. Get Energized

Young people have more energy. That's why they can pull all nighters and abuse their bodies in ways you simply can't do anymore once you reach 40. While you shouldn't be abusing your body no matter what your age is, you should still want to have that energy.

One way to get energized is by adding natural supplements into your diet. LCR Health Telogenesis is a supplement that can give you the mental and physical energy you've been needing. It also claims to give you improved strength, a better mood, and a slimmer, healthier body.

  1. Go Out on Friday Nights

If you miss that feeling of being young, give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the week. When you were young, you went out on Friday and Saturday nights. Get out there again. Nothing makes you feel old faster than having no social life.

A great way to get out is to attend an opera or a musical. Enjoy a nice dinner before or after. Or, grab some tickets to the ball game and indulge on hot dogs while you're there. There are plenty of things you could be doing rather than sitting at home growing gray hair.

While you won't want to go out every Friday night, at least try to get out a couple of times a month. If you have children, don't use them as an excuse not to get out and enjoy yourself. Find a trustworthy sitter if you have small ones and get out.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Nothing will make you feel better all over than having a regular exercise routine. Whether you get out and walk every morning or hit the yoga studio after work, your body needs exercise. It improves nearly every system in your body, from cardiovascular to pulmonary. The fastest way to feeling old is staying sedentary, so why not do the opposite?

  1. Be Mindful of What You Eat

Generation X grew up on one of the worst diets in American history. Their diets incorporated packaged, high sodium meals, the climb of fast food, and if it was home cooked, it was friend. If you grew up in the meat and potatoes generation, then being mindful of what you eat is going to take practice.

Try a diet that incorporates more natural ingredients. Instead of using canned vegetables for your meal, use fresh vegetables. Instead of pre-made soups, make your own. Many meals that people prepare from boxes and cans are nearly just as easy to prepare fresh.

  1. Laugh Often

As you get older, you can also get more serious and forget to laugh. There are plenty of things to make you smile. Spend time outdoors watching the squirrels play, or spend time with small children. Whatever makes you laugh, get more of it, and do it often. Laughing not only makes you forget your age, but studies show that smiling actually makes you look younger.

Did anyone ever tell you getting older would be enjoyable? While it may not be enjoyable, you can easily make the best of it. Aches and pains will come, but they'll come slower if you take care of your body and remember to have fun.