Aliens exist.  On Apollo 17 I photographed the Alien below.  He wasn't wearing a helmet.  He said helmets weren't necessary.  It may be that they had enhanced the Moon's atmosphere, at least in our landing area.  This picture isn't the one used to decorate an Area 51 game.  It has much more detail than that picture.  Instead the game picture may have come from this picture.



     Here is a blowup of the eye showing a reflection of the Moon's surface and the landing site.



     Doing even greater magnification these details became clear.  This is the vehicle the Alien used to come to the landing site.  It didn't have wheels.  Rather it floated a foot or two above the Moon's surface.



     Here is the Apollo 17 LEM with the American flag to the right.


     These pictures are real.  I found the Alien's face on a NASA authorized web site run by the Army.  The Alien's picture had blended in with the Moon's soil (both the same color) so it wasn't obvious.  That's why I blacked out around the face to make the face stand out.


Added Bonus!