Hello world. The following was written 10/17/2017.

I am witnessing so many patterns going through repeat cycles. One after another my brothers posts show their fears of communicating with each other. To Stand in their Light of Truth in the face of opposition and judgments being cast upon them. As I witness this happening I am given an understanding as to what is blocking them.

What is being done in these moments seems to be a blind following and believing. My brothers are blindly believing what they read in books, see on the news, tv, are told by those in authority such as religious leaders, political, government, police and military all without question. They are taking it in and not questioning any of it. Even when they know what is being said and shown is a lie. They are choosing to believe in it anyway. Why? Because they are afraid to be singled out for questioning what is really happening. They are afraid to be punished. They are afraid to be responsible for what is happening to them…

My first year of the doing ACIM I was faced with the reality that the teacher was not understanding the material. That they had blindly followed and believed what their teacher told them it all meant. What their teacher told them they needed to do. They could not relate to their brothers experiences because they never looked at their own. They could not share their experiences because they were still in fear. They were hiding shame, guilt and their judgmental beliefs.

Each of their responses were gauged to get them a follower. The facade they were wearing was that of the teacher… Except they were not a teacher of the Light. They had not reached the Light yet on their journey. They were still trapped in the darkness of the ego mind. They had chosen to follow an enlightened ego mind. In doing so they then became an enlightened ego mind themselves. That is all they were capable of teaching because that is all they had learned to be.

They refused to converse as equals out of fear. For they have nothing to base their belief on. Nothing to share that shows THIS IS TRUTH. Many have chosen to spiritually bypass. Meaning they refuse to look at those things being brought before them to review. Instead they choose to ignore it and bury it. Choosing instead to blindly follow and believe whatever is being dictated to them.

All I share are my personal experiences and the lessons learned from them. I share the information given me as it is given. I do not filter it. I share how each lesson was shown to be Truth through my own personal experiences. How every rape, molestation, beating, exorcism and other abuses were of benefit to me. How my perceptions shifted when I questioned them.

You are trapped in the labyrinth that is your mind. The cage within it is of your own making. Each bar is a judgment and a belief you hold forth as being true. As defining you and the world around you and even your brothers within it. Let go your judgments. Be willing to look at and question your beliefs and experiences. Be willing to step away from the masses and look at and Stand in your own Light of Truth.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.