Hello world. The following was written 10/17/2017.

I have been having a dialogue with a brother regarding the word brother and my use of it. Some interesting things begin to come out in the open as the dialogue unfolds… An understanding of judgments and beliefs held and how they twist ones perspectives…

A brother asks, "I agree with much of what you have said. Not all but much. Thanks for sharing. Just curious who are the brothers your writing to? Or is this post specific to men in the group only?"

My response, "Hello brother. I use the term brother unilaterally for everyone. I do this out of the understanding that we are both male and female encapsulated within the same shell. We are equal parts of each which creates the whole of who we are."

A brother responds, "Brother is specific to male and sister is specific to female so I don't understand your logic as to how calling everyone brother represents our duality."

My response, "The conflict you experience hearing the term brother being applied to you, would be caused by a belief held by you. A belief that you are your body and that your body defines who you are and believe yourself to be. Masculine and Feminine are not referring to gender in the context with which I use it. The term brother is used in regard a Unity of oneness or sameness.

You are not your body but the Soul within the shell. Your body is no more than a vessel, a car, to get you from one experience into the next. It is a tool to be used to experience the reality you have chosen to manifest around you in all its myriad forms. It signals you to what resonates as Truth and what does not. It gives you a way to express who you are and are meant to be."

A brother states, "Nope sorry just because you put your own definition on a word and apply it freely does not have a thing to do with myself not seeing my body as a vessel. You could call everyone any thing that actually means duality or unity or family or oneness you specifically chose a male based title. That is an attempt on your part to come to terms with something not an issue on my end I am not brother or sister or mother or father or cousin or any singular title. I am all of it simultaneously so if anything we should all be alpha, omega, energy, he'll I'll take ven diagram at least that somewhat represents duality"

My response, "As I stated the conflict is within you. It is a belief you are holding that you have chosen to believe defines who you are. Everything you state is a projection on your part brother. You stand in judgment of the use of a male analogy being used in context to yourself. That would be your own personal issue. I do not identify as my body or even as female or male. I AM that I AM. I am the Soul within this shell. The very essence of the Light of ALL THAT IS."

My brother states, "Ok agree to disagree have a great night It. And peace be with you It."

My response, "Have you ever experienced paralysis? The inability to move your body… Have you ever experienced that before? I spent 8 month in that state. Being told I was dying of multiple diseases such as two forms of cancer. That there was nothing to be done for me except make me comfortable. During that time I found myself screaming in my own mind, "I am ALIVE!!!! HEY I AM ALIVE IN HERE!!!! I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!!!! SOME ONE SEE ME PLEASE! SEE ME! I AM STILL IN HERE! I AM ALIVE!" I was alone unable to move and dying. Yet every fiber of my being wanted to live. In those moments I recognized I am not my body. I was trapped inside a box with no way out. Think about that for a minute. Consider that perspective…"

My brother responds, "Yes I have experienced that from a traumatic childbirth where I hemorrhaged and both my son and I almost died I experienced much in my loss of consciousness and near death. I do see your understanding It, I just don't agree with your way of acknowledging the concept."

My response, "I am not interested in your approval of my experience brother. I do not need yours or anyone's approval to be who I am or to express myself they way I so choose. Your opinion of my experience has no merit or meaning for me. The reason I share the things I do is because it is what I am GUIDED to do. I am always listening to the Guidance that comes from within me. It is why I am the clear open channel I am. I was willing to heal my experience. In doing so I ask HS to step in and guide me in all things. He brought in my guides to show me what was needed for me to heal. Now I am to share what I learned. It will resonate with my brothers or it will not. Those it will help will find the value in it.

What you speak of is a Near Death Experience. I too have had many of those. My first at 9 months and the last in my 20's. I had just taught my son about 911. He saved my life by calling for help. I stood outside my body directing him on how to open the locks on the apartment door. Those experiences open us up to the ability of connecting to higher self and even psychic and empathic abilities.
By the way, I healed every disease I had been diagnosed with that was killing me and then some… Without using and medications or surgeries. I healed all by going within and looking at my experiences and beliefs.

This is what I share with my brothers. The understanding of how to heal yourself and free yourself from the slavery you have been captive of since birth unknowingly….

I am being told there is another point you miss here in that what I am speaking of is an experience and not a concept. A concept would be no more that an idea that may be imagined yet has not been experienced personally. Just because one has not experienced something does not mean it is not real or has not happened to someone else. I speak from experience and not a thought up in my head that something might be possible…"

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.