I will be collecting the very best clan titles from the suggestions thread and upload them in a poll right here on our FB page. From that point, you can vote on the best one. The future is ours. I am saving up for my fantasy armour (now have about 42 mil) and now I would like to know what u guys think of RS gold. Berserker helm (dont need to do the quest to acquire neitz for the additional 3 beachfront incentive ). I know these things are far better than what I posted, but my aim isnt to receive them. They may be in my next goal, but all those things are extremely time consuming and difficult to get, or just not worth my time at the moment. Now for my reasoning for this particular armour...

This is a great non degradable setup. Its ideal for pvp in a safe place (cw, duels, ect...) because it has great range protection, slash protection, and amazing strength bonus. The reason I use the dfs instead of the d def is since bandos provides little slash defense compared to other armours. This offsets the bad defense and gives 1 extra str bonus.

When training in places where damage taken isn't a factor (pc), I will replace the dfs together with the def. When coaching str I will use a ss. Do you like it? I believe the most contentious part of this armour is the dfs in place of the def in pvp. I think that it will work and see many large levels use a dfs using bandos for your reasons ive stated above.

This manual is a half as slow as killing yourself if you only cannon. A crossbow. Mith Grapple, Mith Bolts and up (should you want kill them yourself). A rope if you have never been in the GWD. Cannon balls. Bones to OSRS buy gold peaches tabs (In case your killing yourself). Tele's. Method of getting there. Armadyl pendant (Or a amulet of glory utilizing armadyl coif [Not recomended although ]) Cape. Body, Saradomin or Zamorak body. Shield, Granite shield (None if using Karil's). Chap's, The reverse of whatever body you wore (If you wore saradomin subsequently utilize zamorak or vice versa).