Improving your health and wellness can do wonders for more than your body. Physical training is also good for your brain, your mood and your self-esteem, when it's done properly. Here are six areas where you can improve your physical and spiritual wellness in one fell swoop.


First of all, make sure you're nourishing your body with everything it needs. The ideal diet should include all the vitamins and nutrients to keep your body healthy. Whether you're drinking water, green tea or any other beverage, make sure you're getting enough to stay fully hydrated. Ideally, you'll stay away from the less healthy things like excessive amounts of sugar and certain kinds of fats, but make sure that you are getting enough calories to get you through your day. Food is fuel, but it's also fun!


Another key ingredient in your health and wellness journey is sleep. Your body needs to rest and recharge in order to keep going every day. The circadian rhythms that govern your sleep cycles are crucial to your mental and physical health. Lots of things can interfere with circadian rhythms. Getting too much or too little food, exercise or water can all interfere with your ability to sleep, as can the lights from screens like your phone and your computer.


When we picture a healthy person, we often picture someone very strong. Strength is all relative, of course. It's important to compare your personal strength not to someone else who may have genetic or historic advantages, but to yourself in the past. Building strength isn't just about building powerful muscles, it's about keeping your joints healthy and your spine straight while you do.


Endurance is another commonly listed goal when it comes to building a healthier body with exercise. Not everyone can or should be able to run a marathon, but if you want to improve your daily energy levels, you should be trying to improve your endurance. This is usually done through cardio exercise, and it can improve your circadian rhythms as well as reducing your risk of heart attack. Endurance is also a good way to build mental strength through focus and dedication. It can be hard to find that momentum at first, and it's always easy to fall off the proverbial wagon, but building endurance is all about picking yourself up over and over again.


One of the great things about exercise is uncovering hidden talents. You may have abilities you never realized you had. Developing and honing those abilities is incredibly rewarding. Remember, talent is more illusion than anything else. What others perceive as natural talent is usually hours and hours of practice disguised as play. If you enjoy doing something but don't think you're particularly good at it, do it anyway. First of all, it's fun and that's all the reason you need. With enough practice it won't take long before people are talking about how naturally gifted and talented you are.


Physical wellness is also about staying educated and mentally engaged. The more we learn, the better our information gets. This is true of nutrition. It's also true for circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. It's certainly true of exercise. You always want to exercise smarter, but it goes beyond that. Wellness is about more than your physical body, it's about your mind. Staying physically sharp and energetic is just as important as staying mentally sharp and energetic.

When you can honestly say that you are trying to be your best self, then you will likely find that you are also your happiest self. It's very hard to be truly happy or at peace with yourself if you aren't taking care of yourself. Don't forget that your best self isn't going to look like anyone else's best self. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. Look at how far you've come, and just imagine how much farther you can go.