CBD (cannabidiol) has climbed amazingly fast to the forefront of natural remedies. The oil, while not able to make a user "high," is a key ingredient in marijuana. Its popularity can be attributed to its reported calming and healing abilities. In simple terms, it seems to have several of marijuana's positive attributes without the drug usage. Many with chronic pain and anxiety have stated that the oil helped lessen these maladies. You may think that you have no personal use for this product, but it has displayed usefulness in several unpredictable areas. Here are five lesser-known ways CBD oil can be used.

1. Helping Pets

Making your furry friend as happy as possible is a high priority for any animal lover. This is why using CBD oil for dogs and other pets is something to consider. Several animal owners have found positive results after using the oil for various reasons. If your pet is having anxiety issues, the product can be used to create a sense of calm. Many cases of CBD lessening seizures in pets have been reported. It also seems to have a surprising effect on yeast infections. If you're considering giving your pet the oil, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

2. Alleviating Muscle Cramps

Experiencing muscle cramps after a hard workout is never enjoyable. After all, shouldn't your body be rewarding you for exercising? This is where CBD can come in handy. Its anti-inflammatory abilities work to alleviate any lingering pain you may be experiencing. The areas that have swelled can be returned to normal. This allows for a longer and more thorough workout, as well as lessened aching afterwards. Some athletes avoid it due to a fear of anything untoward appearing on a drug test. Luckily, CBD has a very low chance of being recognized on a test. 

3. Aiding Skin Care

Taking care of your skin can be a time consuming process. It takes ages to find the right products and methods to use. If you're still having difficulty, you may consider using CBD oil for skin treatment. This use of the product has become so widespread that major beauty brands like Sephora have begun selling it. The oil has been shown, of all things, to be effective in curing pimples and other skin diseases. The aforementioned anti-inflammatory properties serve to reduce these blemishes. CBD can also make skin less prone to developing these issues and reduces any damaging sensitivity. 

4. Lessening Shoe Pain

It may not be the first issue that comes to mind, but shoe pain is a hassle for anyone acquainted with high heels. Luckily, several celebrities that wear high heels commonly have reported lessened pain after using CBD oil. Rubbing the product on your heels before wearing shoes can create a numbing sensation. While scientists are unsure as to why this works, it's conjectured to be related to the pain relieving effects CBD has demonstrated. Using the oil can also help to decrease any inflammation uncomfortable shoes may cause after being worn. Those who wear killer heels regularly, such as dancers, should consider trying this.

5. Relieving Cigarette Cravings

Finding ways to quit smoking is highly difficult, but the payoff is worth fighting for. Luckily, CBD has demonstrated an ability to assist with this process. The oil has demonstrated usefulness in reducing cravings for several substances, including nicotine. Part of this can be attributed to the lessened anxiety CBD oil provides. The product also helps nicotine interact less with your bodily systems. 


Makers of CBD are innovating ways to use the product each day. The oil has even become less taboo as time goes by. The TSA allows it on flights as long as it is FDA-approved. There are even ice cream flavors that contain CBD. If you feel uncomfortable using the oil, do your own research for peace of mind. No matter what, it's clear that CBD oil has become a king of natural treatments.