Hello world. The following was written 10/20/2016.

Good morning world. I am having a reoccurring vision of a jigsaw puzzle and it's pieces. The initial picture that comes into view would be a "city landscape" with people surrounding and filling a structure similar to an ancient Colosseum as they listen to a speech being given. At first I am high above this picture looking down upon it from high above. Taking in all aspects of this view before descending.

Next I find myself starting to zoom into the picture to each of the individual pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. As I do so I begin to see that each puzzle piece is made up of other puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece represents an individual being. Within each piece are other pieces which represent the beings that came together to create the next piece which is you.

Lets see if I can make this a bit clearer. The puzzle piece that represents me is made from each individual piece that is my family. Each of their puzzle pieces are also made up from their family's histories as well. Each piece is it's own unique puzzle all on it's own.

Starting at the beginning of time I see individual dots of light. Each has its own tone of color or brightness with which it exudes. Each light holds a shape like a puzzle piece. As each of the light beings come together they create a new light, a new puzzle piece. Each new light or puzzle piece represents the next generation coming into being. As each new being is created they begin to build a foundation on which a larger picture is being formed. Each one of these pieces fits perfectly into the puzzle piece of the next generation being created. This pattern of creation continues today.

What I am seeing are patterns being repeated that can shape how one is perceiving themselves or being perceived by others. These patterns are learned or taught from one generation to the next within a family unit, location and society. Each of these aspects have an impact on what we think, believe, say and do. How we see ourselves and those around us is a learned process of judgments, all taught to us from the moment we come into creation. We repeat the patterns we are taught without questioning why it is we do so.

As I recede from the picture of the first puzzle pieces I am witnessing a tunneling effect happening as all the individual beings that have come before me and were inherent in the creation of me sink deeper into the picture. As each being comes into focus I can see exactly how they came together to create the next being or puzzle piece. This visual continues until I am back at the surface of the puzzle looking at "MY" puzzle piece.

As I look again at this piece that represents me I can see all the others who came before me within the very shape of myself. I begin to see their choices and decisions to believe, think, say and do. I then begin to see my own choices to do the same. Many of these beliefs are handed to me. Yet I am the one choosing to blindly believe what is being said to me. I am the one who makes the final choice and decision to be as I am. No one may make these choices for me.

As the picture starts to zoom out again I can see where my son came into creation. How my puzzle pieces and his father's puzzle pieces came together to create the picture that is our son. Yet I am also seeing how the patterns that were learned and taught can be changed and broken. How each of us can change the very shape of our piece of the puzzle all by ourselves with our choices to believe in and accept the judgments and opinions of others blindly or to question everything instead.

I have learned to question everything on this journey. To stop blindly following and believing everything that is being said to me. As I ask each question I am witnessing my own puzzle piece changing shape. Taking on a new form with an inner light beginning to shine very brightly from within me.

I am now above the jigsaw puzzle taking in the full scene again. This time I am watching the picture itself begin to move and breath. Each puzzle piece is a living breathing being. Each exudes its own light and energy signature. Each piece adds to the beauty of the whole. All are needed for the co-creation of the bigger picture being sewn. All are worthy, loved and needed.

Each of us has a purpose here. Each one of us are needed. In the narrowness of our vision we tend to only see what is right before us. Many times we do not see even that. What we tend to see instead is that of which we have been taught to think is there. We are taught to place a filter or veil before our eyes and within our ears to color everything we take in.

The frame to this puzzle is made up of all the rules, laws, judgments, prohibitions and opinions created to manipulate us to conform to another's dictates of what is and what shall be. To make everything conform to specific standards and beliefs within society as a whole. It is this imaginary border of rules and laws that is the illusion controlling the entire picture. This same border is what is controlling each of us on an individual level. Our willingness to conform to our families dictates for their approval would be the same pattern of choices they chose and their parents before them.

As I zoom out even further from this picture I am watching the people pieces move and change as they begin to question all they believe. As each being finds its own center and begins to shine their own Light of Truth the overall picture of this puzzle begins to change. As the illusory borders begin to fade away the picture expands ever growing in its breadth, depth, and beauty of creation in perfection.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.