Hello world. The following was written 10/20/2016.

Today seems to be a day of visions for me. I am being shown a TV with a beautiful landscape on the screen. Within the picture is a single pixel who's colors are fluctuating in comparison to those around them. Each pixel represents a Living Being. The picture on the screen is a co-creation of every living being on the planet. This picture is representative of the collective consciousness of the collective mind of the masses. Think about that one for a minute…

Each Being is part of a larger picture of which they have no understanding, until they are able to step back or better yet rise above the crowd to get a better perspective of what is really happening around them.

The fluctuation of colors in the pixel is representative of the playing out and release of emotionally charged energies and belief systems. As the pixel releases each belief the color fades away until nothing is left but the purest of light tones. As one pixel clears the veils of beliefs another pixel starts to change. To let go of all it thought it was until every single pixel has made the change.

What is left in that moment is an seemingly empty screen of the purest light. It is in this moment that the consciousness of All That Is has come back to it's original state. It is from this state that we the masses shall create the world we want to experience. When we do this we shall do so consciously as one Being of one mind and soul with one intent the betterment of all.

What I am being shown here is how each of us must work to clear everything we have been taught to think, say, do and believe in as being true. Once we have done this all blocks to the love within us and our connections to each other will be removed. Once we have done this clearing we will then have a blank canvas with which to create a new way to live and be.

Just as the pixel stands out on the TV screen so too does the Being who is awakening from the masses. Their inner Light shines very brightly and cannot be dimmed by the shadows of others. The shadows being their judgments and opinions of what is or should be. When one stands in their Light of Truth without fear of any kind none may move them from their path. All one may do is witness their Truth for themselves and begin to question themselves as to what it is they have been choosing to believe.

Become the pixel… Stand in your Light of Truth… Be the authentic you, you are meant to be… Testify to the Light within you… Let your Light be a beacon to those still lost in their darkness… Be the Light you are meant be… Be the Light I see you to be. You are the Light!

Please choose to Be the Light!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.