Hello world. The following was written 10/20/2017.

There is a way to heal the traumas of the present as well as the traumas of the past. Believe it or not you still have to look at your past, your childhood. The key is to look at your beliefs and ask yourself where they came from and why you chose to believe what you have. Everything you think you know and believe in to be true has been taught to you. Every label you define yourself to be was handed to you. Those label were judgments. Those judgments are what you base everything you perceive by. Every experience is gauged by the judgments you hold and believe in. Consider asking yourself what you were experiencing in those moments of that experience. What was really happening? Where you judging it? If you were how were you judging it? What emotions were you experiencing? Were you accepting judgments from others at the time?

Each of the things I have mentioned will help you understand your experience and why you experienced it the way you have. It will help you also understand where you made the choice to believe the things you do. Once you see this, you may choose to change your mind and let go those beliefs for something less harsh and critical. Maybe then you can forgive yourself and so forgive those who were part of that experience with you brother.

Understand that the pain and suffering we experience within us comes from our beliefs in the judgments we hold forth as being truth. It is those judgments and our fears of being judged that keep us in a rinse repeat cycle of the same situations again and again. We are taught to not question and be afraid of looking at our experiences and questioning them. Of being responsible for our choices out of fear of those judgments. Be willing to question and look at what is being placed before you now. This is your opportunity to heal it and let it go by going to the source of the belief that created it.

It is possible to heal the traumas of the past and even the present. Everything can be healed. I have healed rapes, molestations, beatings, exorcisms, caning, mental and emotional abuses. I have healed broken bones and diseases like cancer. I healed all of these things at the same time I healed my past. In looking at my experiences and questioning them I healed them. As I healed those memories I also healed my body in the present moment of all disease without medications or surgeries. Are you willing to begin looking at these things you have chosen to believe in? Are you ready for the pain and suffering to end? Your calls for love are very loud. Yet the inner turmoil and resistance to hold onto that which is familiar is strong. Are you ready to let it go yet?

Please be the Light I know you to be. Please be the Light I see you to be. Please be the Light you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.