WWII marked the first real test of 'all out' American Military Strength.  America had since 1939 to prepare for the war with Germany..  Americans hoped that they wouldn't have to get involved.  Push came to shove and Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.  Shock hit America.  We were at war with the Axis Powers.



     America mobilized.  American men joined the Army.  American women went to the Factories.  The American People became one with the AMERICAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!  The Pacific Fleet was repaired in 90 days!  FDR set up the Allied Powers.  George Patton  was told to kick the Nazi's out of Africa.



     New weapons were needed and the AMERICAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX made them.  And, they built tens of thousands of airplanes and created Super Weapons so America would win WWII.



     Today, America is faced with Alien threat!  Most Aliens are peaceful and want to trade with Earth.  But the bottom 1% want to take us over.  We would become . . . slaves!  They would farm us like cattle.  The AMERICAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX stands between America and the bottom 1% of Aliens.




     The bottom 1% of Aliens exists!  They are very dangerous.  They could be far ahead of us in technology.


Here is a picture of a hostile Alien:


     The AMERICAN MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has already fought Aliens that attacked us!  So far, we have won.  America has much more science/technology than most realize.  And, while it is in our best interests to be as peaceful and cooperative with Aliens as possible we must--at all times--be prepared for 'all out' war.  They may not give us a choice!



Added Bonus:


What to do with those afraid of . . . Aliens!  Those that would 'give in' because they are afraid to fight.