America really went to the Moon!  I know.  I was there.

     NASA was very capable.  In 1972 America went to Mars.  And, we may have been to Mars already.  But I went to Mars in 1972.  It was a test of Jump Warp Drive and Teleportation.  So, the NASA videos and pictures from the Moon are real.


     But Astronauts couldn't make the trip to the Moon if they had the flu or a bad cold.  They might vomit in their helmets!  So, SECRET ASTRONAUTS were used as replacements.  Why weren't the official backup crews used?  . . . I don't know.  They liked me because I was extraordinarily good at landing the LEM.  I had proven this on the Landing Simulator at NASA.


     So, NASA is mostly truthful!  They just couldn't change those plaques with Astronaut names immediately prior to a Mission!



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