Hello world. The following was written 10/22/2017.

Good morning world. I am in a very strange place this morning. I am having snippets of my dreams flash through my mind this morning as I am scrolling through FB. The more I read of these posts people are making the more I want to literally walk away from every single one of these people and their inability to be responsible for themselves. Each of them have their heads buried so far up the persons ass who is supposedly teaching them, it is no wonder they have no clue who they are. They are blindly following and believing everything being said to them by their supposed guru and everything they read in books like good little robots.

In my dreams I can remember being on the Astral Plane with the silver umbilical cords attached to the beings around me. In each one I could see the seeds buried within them that has cause all their pain and suffering. I can see each belief and it's rottenness festering within them. In the dream I would follow the cord to that seed. I could reach into them and pull out the seeds of doubt and fear and place them directly in the peoples hands. Each time showing them with hard core evidence that THIS IS what you need to look at and heal.

As I am looking at these posts this morning all I am seeing are people with their heads buried in the sand. Each one blindly following and believing the bullshit they read in books or are told by some guy standing at a pulpit who says they are a minister because they have a piece of paper with their name on it. How these same folks will then foolishly demand that I do as they say and follow them because they think they know the way.

I am now understanding why it is those who have truly awakened stop conversing with and interacting with the masses. The blind idiocy of the masses never looking and never questioning what they have chosen to think and believe in literally drives them to the brink of madness. They see the truth of what it is their brothers are doing. Their brothers are following blindly what another states just to keep from doing any of the actual work needed to heal themselves… Spiritual Bypassing at it's finest….

Those beings who have completely awakened pulled back from the masses. They stopped speaking to the masses. Because they began to understand just how closed minded and ego driven the masses really are. How none of these beings are willing to look within themselves for the Truth. All want to be hand held and told what to do and when to do it. Not a single one is willing to be responsible for themselves. Every single one holds the SLAVES mentality that the master will save them…Instead of looking at their experiences and beliefs and questioning them. They accept what they are told about them. They look out there in the world chasing after one book and one guru after another. All it is getting them is a date with death… Their own form of suicide in the form of blindly following and believing whatever is put in front of them.

Like those masters that have come before me I see these Truths and understand why these things were done this way. We cannot drag anyone kicking and screaming into the Light. All we may do is lay the Truth before them. It is up to them to pick it up and accept it for themselves. Until they choose to do this… There is nothing to be done for them… Walk away and eventually the Light will come on for each of them… Either in this life or the next.

Sitting in a very strange place this morning. I am recognizing how little desire I have to talk to any of these people connected to me on FB. I am understanding how little they think for themselves and how all of them want to be taken care of. None of them are willing to take care of themselves… Such a strange place this day…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.