Hello world. The following was written 10/23/2017.

Good morning world. Yesterday I shared a post talking about how I was in a strange place. I shared what I was experiencing within me in visions and the understanding I was being given about them. In it I spoke of how I was being shown how the "Master Teachers" would become silent. How they would stop talking and interacting with the masses. How they held an understanding of where the masses were caught up in their egoistic beliefs. The responses to my post were quite interesting and telling…

A brother states, "That's a big projection you got going there."

Another brother states, "How about loving them and forgiving them and yourself… we are all in this together.."

Another brother states, "Wrong , the masses are people that are in a different path than yours. Each of us are not all the same, but eventually will be when their time comes. When you have awaken and ascended you are not into who is doing what. You are on your journey and your light is shining within, making you more loving , kind, and giving. You don't see those defects of people, but see them as ones you should give of your light. Many of us cane here as light workers to guide and assist them through Ascension."

My response, "Fuck You and your sad needs to tell others who they should be and what they should do… I am allowed to be as I am in any given moment. If you don't like what I share stop reading it and scroll by… Seriously people… This is exactly what I am talking about in the fucking post… You, who can't seem to help yourselves in being a judge and a jury… Not a single one of you have actually done the work needed to heal yourselves. Not once have I heard of anyone in this group sharing how they have healed themselves all illness and disease or experience. NOT ONCE IN THIS GROUP OR ANY OTHER GROUPS HAS ANYONE BUT ME SHARED OF HOW THEY HAVE HEALED ALL DISEASES AND EXPERIENCES. Day in and day out all you all do is point fingers placing blame and troll for people to follow you so you can make money off of them. Fuck off or drop dead… either one would be a favor to Humanity."

My brothers, I have spent the last five years sharing with all of the world how I have been healed of every disease, injury, illness and experience I have ever had. How I have healed all of these things without medications or surgeries by turning inward and looking at my own choices to believe. I share from experience what is Truth for me.

In the last five years not once have I heard of anyone else sharing that they have been healed of every illness and every experience. NOT ONE TIME HAS ANYONE ELSE IN ANY OF THE GROUPS I AM IN SHARED IN THIS WAY. NOT ONCE!!! If that does not tell you all something is not right with the way things are being done… What would? Seriously! What will get it through to you all that you have been blindly following and believing the garbage being handed to you and that you are reading in some book? What will it take for you all to see how you are doing everything to yourselves?

Day in and day out I read post after post of folks dealing with illness, disease, pain and suffering. Day after day I read the responses of these so called teachers and gurus telling them they are doing everything wrong. That they just need to do as they are telling them. The follow me I know the way syndrome that was fed to them, is now being spoon fed to their brothers. Misery does love the company…

Folks I am not wanting, needing, desiring, begging or asking for any other axiom of direction or opinion from anyone for any reason. I am sharing where I am at and what I am experiencing on my personal journey. I am sharing when I was healed. How I was healed. Where the illnesses came from and how everything was connected one unto the other. I share my processes of actually doing the work needed to fully heal every experience, every disease and every aspect of the journey I am on and I have ever had.

The only one stopping you all from healing as I have been healed are yourselves. It is your own choices to blindly believe in the bullshit being fed to you by your chosen teachers, gurus and this crap being written in these books. Does no one ever question any more what they are reading and hearing? Has the entire world become a robotic slave to the machine of ego driven brutality? Is that really what you want to keep experiencing? The pain, suffering, disease and fear being shoved down your throats constantly… Is that really what you prefer experiencing? If so, then keep on blindly following and believing whatever is said to you, put in front of you to see or read as you have been doing.

As another brother pointed out to those who were judging my post…

My brother stated, "You cant wake people up before they are ready….that is what is being referred to….I'm happy to assist anyone, but they must ask in some way…if you try to wake a sleeping person they can get very angry."

Now that right there is all of it in a nut shell. You cannot wake anyone who is not ready and willing to be woken up. You cannot force anyone to change their mind or perspective. All you may do is lay the truth before them and allow them to choose to pick it up and accept it for themselves. This is what I do every moment of the day as I am sharing my personal experiences and the healing I received when I looked at them and questioned my beliefs about them. I share my Truth my brothers as it has been experienced and shown to me by Spirit. I share where I have been and what I have experienced on my journey. I share the understandings from the lessons learned through those experiences. I share the understandings with the lessons learned and what I am given freely by Spirit… I share how to heal yourselves just as I did by turning within to Holy Spirit for your guidance and answers instead of to your brothers out there in the world and the books they would have you blindly believe in…

Please be the Light I know you to be. Please be the Light I see you to be. Please be the Light you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.