If your vet has told you your dog is not as healthy as they should be or is simply not thriving, it can feel devastating. Fortunately, there are beneficial, fun things you and your pup can do that will allow you both to get healthier and feel your best. Read on for 3 healthy steps you and your canine can take together.

  1. Revamp Your Diets

You and your dog both need high-quality foods that are minimally processed in order to be healthy. When choosing your dog’s food, choose vet-approved brands, and look for formulas that are appropriate to their stage of life; puppies have different needs from an adult or senior dog. Additionally, if your dog is overweight, they need a formula that will have fewer calories so they can begin to slim down.

An additional consideration is the amount of protein vs. the number of grains in your dog’s food. Dogs are carnivores and therefore need most of their diet to be from meat. The number one ingredient in any food you purchase for your dog should be beef, chicken, lamb or pork, and any carbohydrates should come from whole grains. Humans benefit from eating this way as well. As you adjust your dog’s diet to have more healthy proteins and whole grains, do the same for yourself and also add in extra fruits and vegetables, and you too will feel better and lose weight.

  1. Supplement for Optimal Health

As a human, you are probably already aware of the substantial benefits vitamins and supplements provide. People have so many fantastic options from basic gummy vitamins to innovative and effective systems for getting nutrients like the Thrive patch. But did you know that there are helpful supplements for dogs as well? From calcium to CBD, you can now find a dog version of nearly every supplement humans regularly consume.

As wonderful as pet vitamins and supplements may seem, it is important not to begin giving your pets any herbs, vitamins, or minerals unless you check with their veterinarian or pet nutritionist first. They can tell you what substances may be beneficial and what could cause unnecessary damage. Once you have the right supplements from your vet, make sure you and your dog take your supplements each day for optimal results.

  1. Exercise Each Day

Dogs and people of every age need to stay active to be at their healthiest. Luckily, dogs are fantastic exercise partners and allow you to avoid working out all by yourself. As with their food needs, dogs of different ages have different exercise needs. No matter their stage in life, all dogs love spending even more time with their humans and most will respond well to trying new activities with you. One enjoyable way to exercise with your dog is to start hiking together. Research your surrounding area to find out where you can go to enjoy the great outdoors, then make sure you have a great leash and a durable pair of hiking boots and hit the trails. Many dogs also love the water and can benefit from swimming just as much as humans do. If you have a nearby lake or beach, swimming is an ideal way for both of you to get fit. Other ways to work out with your dog include running up and down the stairs, playing tug and fetch and of course, walking and running.

Owning a dog means you have a built-in buddy for your health and fitness journey. By adjusting your diets, getting the right supplements and finding enjoyable exercises, you and your pet will be well on your way to a happier, healthier life together!