The pictures below are pictures that many people don't believe are real.  I've been to the Moon as a SECRET ASTRONAUT and I know they ARE Real!  So, I'm going to try to explain them.  [All pictures are PUBLIC DOMAIN or blowups from PUBLIC DOMAIN pictures.]


This picture was taken on Apollo 17.  It shows a Moon Sunset.  Yes, the Moon revolves around the Sun and it has morning, noon, and night.  The Moon has a tiny atmosphere.  But it has Sodium in its tiny atmosphere and sodium casts a yellow/orange glow!


This picture, also Apollo 17, shows the beginning of the Sunset.


An Apollo 15 picture.  This shocks people!  Water on the Moon!  NASA has since admitted that there is water on the Moon at the Poles.  But, since the Moon has a tiny atmosphere, there is water vapor too.  Remember that during the day the Moon is very hot.  Water evaporates in the heat.  The nights are very cold.  Water vapor condenses as temperature drops.  So, clouds form in the dark on the Moon and it . . . rains!  Soon, as it gets colder and colder, the rain turns to hail and Astronauts can hear it hitting the LEM!  And as it warms in the early morning the ice turns to water and, in turn, turns to steam and . . . disappears!



Apollo 15 Command Service Module orbiting the Moon took this picture.  An Alien Space Ship on the Moon!  It was later investigated by Apollo 20.  And, yes, there were Apollo's 18, 19, and 20 done in Secret from Vandenberg AFB.


On Apollo 17 as the Sun set a building became visible at the top of this hill.  We had landed in an Alien Industrial Complex!  The Astronaut is had just hit a small crater with the rover, it tipped over, and he was righting the vehicle.


Here is a close up view:


The Hasselblad Cameras were very high resolution.  This picture of the Astronaut's helmet came from a released NASA Apollo 17 picture.  Notice what looks like an Astronaut in the helmet's view plate.  But it's not one of us!  No backpack with necessary life support.  And, black pants.


Here is yet another blowup on the helmet's view plate.


And, then we have the Alien Gray on Apollo 17 that told us to leave the Moon!  His face blended in with the Moon's soil so to make him distinct I had to blacken the background.  Notice the hairs and other detail not on the Alien 51 game box.



This increased blowup shows the vehicle (Moon Buggy) the Alien Gray drove up in.  It didn't have wheels and floated a foot or two above the Moon's surface.  It settled down to the ground when he stopped.


Here the Earth, during Apollo 17, comes close to the horizon.  While the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth because of Earth's gravity, the Moon oscillates in Earth's gravity.  These oscillations cause the Earth to move around in the sky as seen from the Moon.



Cat on the Moon!  This is, perhaps, the most shocking picture of all.  Remember that the Alien Gray wasn't wearing a helmet.  He had even told me that I could take my helmet off.  It could be that the Alien Industrial Park generated atmospheric oxygen.  Or, that the Grays had bioengineered lungs that could breathe the Moon's tiny atmosphere.  To make things even more shocking I think the cat had kittens in that crater on the left.  I had seen what might have been green eyes!  Regardless, this is a REAL Apollo 17 picture!


This is a blowup of the cat.  . . . This is for real!  I photographed it as a SECRET ASTRONAUT!


Apollo 20 is a complete Article by itself.  There are many shocking pictures from the Apollo 20 mission.  Those pictures cam from NASA TV transmissions from the Moon.  They are PUBLIC DOMAIN too, but were picked up and put on the Internet by Eastern Europe.


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