Eisenhower beieved that knowledge of the Aliens--at that time the Zeta Reticulans--needed to be kept secret for 50 years.  That was iin roughly 1950.  Well, 50 years is up!  Today, Americans need to know that Aliens exist and that their government is doing everything it can to protect Americans and American culture and beliefs.

     Those of us that have been in government programs involving Aliens know that Americans need facts, not just science fiction and guesses. 


     1.  It is a fact that we have engaged Alien troops and won.  Don't underestimate the Aliens, however, they are very good at combat and in some of the egagements the Aliens were outnumbered.  Also, in the combat I'm familiar with ultimate weapons weren't used.  And, in the engagements I'm familiar with ray guns weren't used by either side.  I have been in fist fights with Aliens (larger than myself) and won.  Us humans are really shipwrecked Pledian Nordics.  And, Pledian Nordics aren't pikers!


     2.  While Alien technology is superb it isn't always better than ours.  Max Planck and Albert Einstein were geniuses even by Alien standards.  Their computers, however, are better than ours.  And, I believe they can scan brainwaves from very high altitudes in their Space Ships.  This is partly why they abduct certain humans and not others.  The best of Alien Technology is the blending of Religion and Science.  The M-Men have their Religion based on Physics.  But their science includes Souls and the concept of God.  They teach that what you do to someone else will someday happen to you when you ARE that person!  I believe this is true too.  It is part of God's love!


     3.  I have said that the Aliens are just like us--and that isn't good!  I have been impressed with the Aliens I have met.  They are careful with their thoughts and mature in their comments.  But 'they' have wars up there.  And, I mean real super weapon wars!  I suspect that big hole in the stars found by the Hubble Telescope where a hundred or so Galaxies are missing is the result of Intergalactic War.  I believe that Warp Weapons were used!  I believe that entire Galaxies were warped out of existence in the blink of an eye.  For Americans, or Humans, to act arrogant with Aliens is just plain . . . stupid!  Show them the respect they deserve.

     "Wake up and smell the coffee!"











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