Hello world. The following was written 10/28/2018.

Two days ago I posted an article titled, "You are your own jailers with the choice you make to believe.". I had a brother share his perspective from that of the here and now and being right in the thick of it. I found myself responding to him with a deeper explanation clarifying where the points of turning occurred within the consciousness of Humanity.

A brother shares, "I don't think people are smart enough to organize a sophisticated conspiracy to manipulate thought. I do think that "like minded people" tend to get in majority positions in the media and the government. They then all become so impressed with some of their social and political ideas that anyone who disagrees becomes an outcast. This isn't planned or discussed; it just is an almost unconscious consensus. They don't realize what they've done is destroyed free speech completely on college campuses and in society as a whole."

My response, "What you speak of is where society is at in these moments. What was being broken down in the post is the ideology behind or process behind what has been done. What is not mentioned here is where and when it all began. What I am shown is that all of this began with the first "temples and leaders" of groups, towns or civilizations. The people would give all power to those beings in a belief that they knew best. A hierarchy would be established through these beliefs or mechanization.

These beliefs became the foundations of which all societies were being based on. Similar to how one trains a child as to what is or is not acceptable to the adults around them. That child learns what they are or are not to do based on the way they are treated and what is being said to them. As the child grows they learn that their parents views are shared with the other adults and reinforced by them. These views are the views being held by Society in general. What is failed to be recognized is that Society is a CULT mentality you have been indoctrinated into through that training you received growing up. You were told you had to believe and did not have a choice in it if you wanted to be accepted and approved of… See where this is headed to yet?

All of this is and has been done through the subconscious mind on a subliminal level of consciousness. When it started it was not seen nor realized. All that was known was that it worked and kept things moving forward. It created a measure of reliability through the medians of conformity.

The end results are what is seen today with the laws being written by man for society. Each one strips away ones ability to be a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing. Each law places one being over or under another using the tools of "labels" such as the one called "authority". Those were the definitions given the first leaders beyond the scope and aspect of the job they were to do. Is this making sense to you?

By the way, may I suggest you do some research into a thing called MKUltra. I believe the program was done and run through the psychology department at Stanford for the CIA…"

Earlier today I came across a post of an article from CNN titled, "Trump says Pittsburgh synagogue should have had armed guards…". I also came across the following post a brother had come across and chose to share.

A brother shared, "Democrats didn't care when Madonna said she had thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Democrats didn't care when Kathy Griffin posed with a mock severed head of President Trump. Democrats didn't care when a Broadway Play depicted the assassination of President Trump. Democrats didn't care when Johnny Depp said, "how long has been since an actor assassinated a President". Democrats didn't care when Snoop Dog and Eminem made music videos about assassinating President Trump. Democrats didn't care when dozens of people were shot to death at a Jason Aldean concert. Democrats didn't care when Congressman Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball game. Democrats didn't care when Robert De Niro said "somebody needs to take out Trump". Democrats didn't care when Carole Cook said "Where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?" Democrats didn't care when Republican candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a man with a switchblade. Democrats didn't care when a Republican Party Office was set on fire. Democrats didn't care when Eric Holder said "When they go low, we kick 'em". Democrats didn't care when Trump family members received suspicious packages in the mail. Democrats didn't care when Secretary of Defense James Mattis received death threats. Democrats didn't care when Maxine Waters said "you get up in their face at the mall, in restaurants, at gas stations and you tell them Republicans they're not welcomed anywhere". Democrats didn't care when Sarah Sanders and her family were harassed at a restaurant, instructed to leave and chased down the street. Democrats didn't care when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed and chased out of a Mexican restaurant. Democrats didn't care when Trump adviser Stephen Miller's life was threatened and he was chased out of a restaurant. Democrats didn't care when Attorney General Pam Bondi was harassed and chased out of a theatre. Democrats didn't care when Rand Paul was attacked and beaten up in his own yard. Democrats didn't care when two Republican senators: Rob Portman of Ohio and John Boozman of Arkansas were harassed in their own yards and on their own doorsteps. Democrats didn't care when a 71-year-old female staffer for California Rep. Dana Rohrbacher was knocked unconscious by an angry group of liberal protesters. Democrats didn't care when a North Carolina GOP office was firebombed by an angry mob of liberals. Democrats didn't care when Hillary Clinton said "we can't be civil to Republicans until Democrats return to power.

For over two years Democrats have encouraged hate, harassment, vandalism, acts of violence and even threats of assassination. #WALKAWAY "

Something to consider, imagine a world were every citizen was armed and were trained to defend themselves. Imagine what the likelihood would be of you walking into a place and pulling a gun when everyone around you would be pulling their guns on you. There are documented reports from after the civil war of this exact thing happening. A man walked into a school and wanted to kill the school teacher for stealing the woman he wanted. The students pulled out their guns and protected their teacher. Another was of a bank robber walking into a bank guns drawn. The patrons turned on him and shot him dead before he finished his statement.

The point here is that everyone has a right to defend themselves. No one is required to defend you nor come and save you. You ARE your own first responder. No one is responsible for you nor taking care of or protecting you BUT YOU. There is an illusion being sold to the populous by these corrupt politicians. The illusion they sell is that they will be responsible for you by protecting you and saving you from the evil world and from yourselves. It is a lie being used to get you to willingly hand away your rights and ability to be a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing.

Each and every Human Being is responsible for themselves and their choices to believe, so see their reality as being. Each one of you are responsible for all that you are choosing to think, say, believe and do. No one is responsible for the actions you are choosing take because of your beliefs. It does not matter what someone is choosing to say, think nor believe. That is their choice to do so and they have every right to make that choice for themselves. Just as you have every right to choose what it is that resonates for you. No one gets a say in these choices you are making to be and believe here. You do not get a say in what anyone else is choosing to think and say here either. That belief you get a choice is part of the lie and illusion these politicians have been selling to you.

Why do you think it is that nothing has ever gotten better under the previous administrations? All they cared about was either keeping the status quo or increasing their power and control of the populous. None of them have ever kept any of the promises they made to get into office. None of them had money prior to taking office either. Yet they are all rich now. Wonder why that is the case?

Donald J. Trump went in with his own money. He could not be bought off by the special interest groups that have been buying off the majority of the other politicians and government workers in these alphabet agencies. He is and has been using their own webs against them to gather them all up with their own lies as the ropes that are binding them. They are going to be held accountable for their words and actions in the end.

By the way, I have shared before that I am an independent and did not vote for him nor her. Everything I am stating is from simple observation of all sides of this equation that "seems to appear" to be divided and or separate from each other, yet are of the same body and nature at play mirroring itself…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.