Experts offering the best assignment help in Melbourne often receive requests from students who procrastinated or forgot to do their assignments until the eleventh hour. This puts a lot of stress on students and experts. We interviewed them to know their secrets on how to write hundreds of high-distinction level assignments consistently and this is what we found:


  • Plan your day, week, month, and semester: Several studies prove that personalized goal setting and study planning improves the academic performance of students and increases their learning focus. In college, you need to make a daily schedule to cover all your activities, including attending classrooms, doing assignments, eating, sleeping, part-time work, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities, recreation, and personal work (such as family responsibilities, laundry, and errands). 


Assign a time to each task on your list and try to find the quickest way to do them. Shaving off 5-10 minutes on each task can make a big difference to your productivity and efficiency. If you feel stuck somewhere, seek university assignment help Australia service as early as possible. It will help experts provide timely and better assistance to you.


  • Avoid distractions: In the Buddhist tradition, distractions are categorized into five types which apply to students all over the world:


    • Sensory desires or where we seek the pleasure of five senses (sight, found, smell, taste and physical): Entertainment, Internet addiction, and social media count as sensory desires. Unplug all your gadgets when you sit down to write your assignments. If you need to use the gadget to complete your task, download apps that can lock all extra websites or social media channels until you are done.


    • Ill-will: At times, you hate the topic you are studying or you feel hostile towards your group partner or professor. You may feel resentment for having to study when you want to party. You need to motivate yourself by trying to understand the purpose of studying your subject or why you are doing the assignment. Recognizing your feelings and analyzing them can go a long way in keeping yourself self-motivated.


    • Sloth-and-torpor: Sometimes, you are physically and mentally not ready to study. In such cases, you must do anything you need to do to shrug off the heaviness of body and dullness of mind. Exercising, eating healthy food, and catching proper sleep is important to overcome this kind of challenge.


    • Restlessness-and-worry: Some people are too much of perfectionists and do not know where and when to stop. Such people can opt for auditing assignment service where experts can review their assignments, make corrections wherever needed, and give recommendations on how to improve their assignments and achieve perfection without being stressed out.


    • Doubt mongering: Some students lack the conviction that they can write assignments. These doubts may have real reasons (such as lack of understanding of the topic, academic skills, or language proficiency) or maybe imagined. With experts’ help, these students can overcome these challenges easily.


Students need to learn to use their resources wisely. Whether you talk to your professor, network with your seniors, or find assignment assistance online, use all the opportunities available to you to achieve academic and career success.