I don't know about our Earthly existence being a simulation, but the video below shows what Aliens are doing flying around!

     With computers vastly superior to ours they can monitor the brains of 7 billion people easly.  And, if you monitor everyone's brain on a planet you have every SECRET that militaries try to keep . . . secret!

     And, of course, you can laugh at all those silly sex thoughts as well!  So, those 'flying saucers' aren't just sight seeing and taking ordinary photographs!  They are deep probing our defenses!  And, they can probe our computers as well.  Just, of course, to get the necessary detail of our latest inventions.

     Therefore, it is imperative that the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX develop much faster and better computers quick so we can probe THEIR computers and make necessary changes without the Aliens knowing about it.  And, of course, we can steal their deep dark secrets too.

     In short, two can play this game!  But we better get sharp quick or the Universe will plough us under!



     We are in an INFORMATION WAR with the Aliens!  We must build better computers than theirs.  We must direct our SUPER Super Computers at the Aliens and read all of their thoughts and memories!  We must read THEIR computers and gather all of THEIR knowledge!


     There is a COMPUTER GAP!

     Make no mistake about it.  We must win the COMPUTER RACE!


Added Bonus!