It's time for the truth to be told!  We are not alone.  I was on Apollo 17 as the Secret Astronaut.  For legal reasons I won't divulge who I replaced or if I was extra baggage on the trip.

     I worked with many Astronauts both in training and on some of the flights.  They were a great bunch of guys and gals:  smart, fearless, and dedicated to America's success.  There was more than just one Secret Astronaut, but I never met them.  NASA had to make replacements for Astronauts that came down with colds and flu that might cause them to vomit in their helmets.

     Below is a video of Apollo 17 along with NASA Public Domain Pictures.  Today, we are going back to the Moon and we must be gentlemen and do our best to get along with Aliens that have been up there for a long, long time.


     This Video has, as a regular part of the NASA films, the statement at 18:15 minutes:  "Hey, here's some rover tracks.  Someone has been here before."  [Also an Alien Spaceship had been photographed by Apollo 15.] 


The Alien Spaceship photographed by Apollo 15 Command Service Module (CSM).


     Here is an Alien in a Spacesuit without a backpack necessary for life support and wearing black pants!  Nordic?  German?  Your guess is as good as mine.  This picture was photographed--and taken off a helmet reflection--next to Tracy's Rock on Apollo 17.


     Here is the Alien Moon Bugy that a Gray drove up in on Apollo 17.  This picture was taken from a Public Domain NASA photograph.  It was a reflection from the contact lens the Alien Gray had in his eye.



     This is the photograph of the Gray Alien's face--official NASA Public Domain--that is no longer available for some reason.  Coverup?


     Thisis the Alien Building on top of the hill, a blow up of a NASA Public Domain picture.  This building didn't show up until the Sun was setting casting a golden glow on the landscape.


     And, here is the picture of the cat that walked between our Astronauts on Apollo 17.  The Gray Alien didn't need a helmet and, apparently, the cat didn't either.  It's possible that we were in an oxygenated area.  They Gray had told me that I could take my helmet off, but I chose not to!


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You have led an amazing life! The profile photo you use for Onstellar is of you from which Apollo secret flight? I recall you saying that you wore a fake nose in this photo so that it would not look like you ... how did you come to realize or remember some of these flights or that this was you in the photo? What it a particular incident that brings memories back? or does it gradually come back to you? Clearly, you remember all of the fantastic jets/planes that you have flown! 
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