In 2011 Earth was attacked by Comet Elenin.  Comet Elenin was being steered by an Alien armed force of 8 spaceships.  Despite news reports that it would miss Earth the fact was it was headed directly for us.  The Russians publicly warned us!

     At Patrick AFB I climbed the ladder into the belly of a huge delta shaped rocket plane.  It wasn't the space shuttle.  It was bigger!  My orders were to destroy Elenin!  This vehicle was huge.  It had 3 rotary launchers each loaded with 8 air to air 50 megaton nuclear weapons.  Moments later I was punching through Earth's outer atmosphere.  Fly By Wire locked on to Elenin.  Forward looking infrared (Flir) showed Elenin straight ahead.

     Elenin would totally destroy Earth if I didn't destroy it first.  Switched Master Arm to 'on'.  My computer screen asked me what to fire, how many, and whether to fire on full automatic.  I hit buttons for 'nukes', 'all', and 'automatic fire'.  Immediately I felt a rotary launcher door open.  Next the jar of missile fire, a moment later another. Missiles were on their way!

     FLIR showed 8 blips to the side of Elenin!  Red circles immediately closed around the blips indicating 'Locked On'.  I punched the red button on my control stick for 'Fire'!  The 'blips' disappeared one after another.  The Plane's Directed Energy Weapon did its job!

     At first bright light balls appeared on Elenin from the exploding nukes.  As the surface gave off gas the hits turned to huge mushroom clouds!  . . . I headed back to Earth.


     Is this fiction?  No, it happened.  The bottom 1% of Aliens had attempted to kill everyone on Earth!  Now you know why we need the United States Space Force.


     This Movie could really happen.  All of Earth, America, NATO, Russia, and China must--at all times--be ready for ALIEN ATTACK!