Hello world. The following was written 11/16/2016.

Something to consider, you cannot lose what you never had. You are not responsible for anyone but you. Your choices and decisions to believe in and judge are what you are responsible for. You are responsible for the things you think, believe, say, and do. Each of these items are items you get to choose. You make the choice and decision to judge what you perceive and experience. You are the one believing that something has gone wrong.

Spirit speaks, "Dear One, everything that is happening and or has happened has been for your benefit and the benefit of Humanity. Even the chaos you witness around you. Judge it not and sit and watch. Eventually you will see what is happening below the surface. Both within you and without."

People will see what they want to see. They will believe what they want to believe. They will do what they think they should do. They do these things to fit in and gain approval and acceptance. Very few are willing to question, let alone step away from, what does not resonate within them out of fear of being persecuted and ostracized by their family, peers, and society.

If someone or something does not resonate question it. Be willing to step away from it and those who seem to actively want that in their lives. We manifest what we focus on. What we focus on is what we have surrounded ourselves with and what we believe defines us and this world we inhabit. In each moment you have a choice. You get to choose what resonates with you or what does not.

More often than not we choose what does not resonate. We do so because that is what we have been taught to do from birth. To accept the labels, judgments and opinions of others telling us that we are wrong or have done something wrong. That this is bad and this is good. We are rewarded for conforming and punished for choosing differently than someone else.

Stand in your light of Truth Brother. Be not afraid of your brothers judgments of you. They have no value or merit when the Light of Truth shines upon them. Be at ease knowing who you are within and without because you have chosen too. That choice was yours and no one may take that choice from you. Be the Light you are meant to be.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.