Hello world. The following was written 11/17/2016.

Something to consider here is that everyone is lovable. If one finds they are unable to extend love to another, they may want to consider that they are the one with the misconception. They are the one judging their brother to be what they are not. They have superimposed a picture of their own making over their brother that has distorted their view of their brother and themselves. For their brother is a reflection of how they see themselves and are not able to accept that facet of themselves. They are in denial of who they are so deny their brother their Truth as well.

What I am speaking of would be how one will judge another for how they look, sound, move, dress, speak, share and so many other ways of judging. We are taught to project out what it is we believe in as being true before us on the world we think we perceive. We are taught to superimpose an image being held within our minds of how everything is "supposed" to be over or in front of all that comes before us. We are to judge everyone and everything against those beliefs we are holding forth as being true for us.

If you are unable to extend love to another, could it be that you are in judgment of them? If you are not receiving love from your brothers, could it be you are not extending love to them? In everything we must be willing to give if we are to receive. We must be willing to extend the love we would receive and to be an example of that which you would have your brothers extend to you. Cut the strings you would attach to that which you would give so you may receive it just as freely yourself. Be willing to give if you would receive, extending it freely with NO STRINGS ATTACHED…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.