Hello world. The following was written11/17/2017.

As I scroll through the different posts and the myriad groups I see a pattern coming to the fore. My brothers are beginning to ask questions. How can Humanity heal? How do we end racism? How do we end violence? How do we end poverty, starvation, and so many other things facing Humanity? What are or is the solution to these challenges facing Humanity as a whole?

The solution would be to re-educate the Individual. Help them to learn to discern the Truth of those things they have been taught to think and believe in as being true. Those things they were taught defines them, the world and their brothers within it. Teach them the Truth of how everything they were taught to think and believe in was a lie. Like those before them they blindly followed and accepted whatever was told to them as being the Truth and never questioning it. All we have been taught can be unlearned. We can change our minds about those things we were taught to believe.

As children we were taught to conform and accept the dictates of our parents and those whom we are told have authority. We are taught to never question "The Authority" too. We have been taught to judge and be judged. To accept the judgments and labels handed to us and enact them on ourselves. To accept them and believe they define who we are and are meant to be. We are taught to accept the "labels" being handed to us are absolutely true. Those labels are judgments and opinions created to control and manipulate how you perceive and what you think you perceive. To change how one perceives that which is right in front of them, including themselves.

As children we were taught to blindly accept, believe in, and follow the dictates of those around us. We were taught to conform and that we did not have a choice in what we were experiencing and being told we were to believe in. As adults we are no longer REQUIRED to continue blindly following and believing in those things we were once forced to accept as being how things are and were done. We were lied to as children just as they had been lied to.

We are allowed to question and to change our minds. We are allowed to stop believing in and following the dictates of others. We are Sovereign Beings who have had our Free Will stolen from us unknowingly through the training we receive to conform, comply and adhere to the dictates handed us during our growing years as children. Retrain the mind of the Individual to look within and question what they are thinking, believing, hearing, seeing, and experiencing and the Individual will begin to have a shift happen within their own hearts and minds as understanding comes of what they were taught and their own responsibility for choosing to believe in it in the first place. The shift will teach them true forgiveness for others for they will in these moments have to learn to forgive themselves for their own choices to believe.

It is at this time the Individual will stop seeing differences between themselves and the Beings around them. They begin to understand how everyone was taught the same things and are trapped in an illusion of beliefs that were never real. They will learn that it is possible to heal all things completely. They will also learn the keys to discernment so they may never be controlled or manipulated in any way ever again. They will learn True Self Reliance through Freedom of Will as it was meant to be. They will come to know and understand who they are and were meant to be, so let go of all they had been taught to think and believe they are supposed to be.

This is how we make the changes needed to heal the Individual, the world and everything within it. That is what I AM here to teach Humanity and be an example of. How to heal on all levels of ones Being and regain ones Freedom of Will and Self Reliance to be the Sovereign Beings they are meant to be who are Self Governing. To help Humanity let go and become the Divine Beings they are and not the slaves they have been trained to become willingly if unknowingly.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.

Please be the Light, I see you to be. Please be the Light, I know you to be. Please be the Light, you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light.