Hello world. The following was written 11/18/2017.

Years ago I was given a vision. I was beginning to question the things I had been taught to believe such as the belief I am a body. When I asked to be shown the Truth with clarity and understanding it was given me. What transpired following this questioning was the following vision…

As the vision opens I am sitting in the front seat of what looks to be a car. I look down to see a body that is not a "body". What I AM in this moment is a body made of Light Energy. I look to my left at the driver of this car and see a version of what looks like me driving with an attitude. This is what represents the ego mind for me.

Next I hear my name and look into the back seat and see God, Holy Spirit/Higher Self and all my Angels and Spirit Guides sitting in the back seat. It is in this instant I ask for Holy Spirit to come forward and explain to me what is happening and what it is I am perceiving and to learn with this lesson. As I ask this my ego shrinks and begins to slide into the back seat. Holy Spirit/Higher Self now moves forward into the drivers seat.

Holy Spirit begins explaining what is happening. This vehicle we are in that seems to be a car is representing what you perceive to be your physical body. The body you are looking at inside is your True Self. All your life you have perceived yourself to be alone. Yet we have always been right here with you. We have taken a back seat to your chosen guide of ego mind until such a time as you asked Us to come forward and help. We have always been with you. You have never been alone. In each instant you chose to turn from Us and looked out there in the abyss for the answers.

Holy Spirit continues to explain that the abyss would be those Souls who are lost in their ego minds and the fear that consumes them. Their beliefs have entrapped them in a hell of their own making. Just as you had done in yours. Your body is a vehicle to carry you from experience to experience. It is a tool created for you to experience the physical and not so physical aspects of manifestation in a co-created reality. None of these things you experience define you. Those beliefs were learned and are not based in Truth.

You are not your body. You are the Soul within that shell. You are the very Essence of the Light of All That Is encapsulated within the body you manifested here and now. It is a tool to be used to gauge what is and what is not. What you have chosen to believe is and will be the only thing you can perceive until you decide to change your own mind and choose to see and or perceive things differently. You were never required to accept another's Truth as your own. You have always had a choice in whether or not you wanted to believe in these things you have. Accept responsibility for your own choices to believe and you can then change your mind and choose differently this time.

The choice is yours and it has always been yours. You are an Eternal Sovereign Being with Free Will and the ability to govern yourself through the medium of the Love within you as your guide. You have always had this power in you. It has been your choice to believe the lies taught to you that you are no more than a victim and have no rights and no choice in anything. That you must conform and accept the dictates of others. These have been your choices. No one has forced these choices on you. Accept the responsibility for your choices and you will take back your power to change your mind.

The choice is yours, what will you choose?

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.