The Government has gone to lengths to coverup the Apollo 20 Mission.  It was launched from Vandenberg AFB, not KSC.  Though planned it was officially cancelled.  And, no mention of it since cancelled. 

     TV transmissions were received by Eastern Europe in 1976, and Eastern Europe released them to the Internet.  Attempts were made to debunk these TV transmissions.  In 2008, however, William Rutledge came forward acknowledgling the NASA mission.  And, in 2018 Jon LaVine did likewise in an interview with Linda Moulton Howe. I replaced Leonov on the August 1976 flight.  And there is now a video reportedly taken by Leono Snyder on the Internet as well.

     The 'Alien Spaceship' was first observed by the Command Service Module of Apollo 15.


Here is the photo taken by the Command Service Module:



And, this is the blowup of the Alien Spaceship:


Below is a high definition photo of the 'Alien Spaceship'.  How did we get this photograph?  It had to be taken from a closer altitude.  It was taken by the Apollo 20 Lunar Excusion Module (LEM).  This is as close to proof of the Apollo 20 Mission as can be found.  The other evidence consists of testimony.




Added Bonus: