Immediately, Akinator will launch a series of questions to reduce the chances of characters that are stored in the program's database. The first are usually: is your character male? Is your character real? Is your character fictional? Is your character alive?

On the other hand, the answers to give are precise. They are located at the bottom of the screen and are: yes, no, I don't know, probably yes and probably not. As you progress, Akinator's questions will get closer to your character's possibilities. Even with questions like the program where I could of the character.

As for the number of questions that Akinator asks, they vary a lot. However, the range remains between the 25 questions. Unless it is a relatively new character, or very unknown, the number of questions will add up to more. Finally, having guessed the character, the genie will rejoice. Whereas if he does not guess, he will congratulate you and ask you to enter it in the database.

Why all the fuss about Akinator?

Akinator: The Online Mind Reading Genie

The critical reception for Akinator has been positive and today, in the main online stores for mobile video games, it presents a great 5/5 with excellent comments that praise the mechanics of the game and are impressed by the effectiveness of the genius. To guess people, characters or things.

But, why is so popular? Well, to understand the expectations generated about the game you have to go into context. It was the years 2008-2010. There was a lot of ignorance about what could really be done on the platforms.

The arrival of a game that guessed characters just by asking questions was a complete success due to the artificial intelligence system that learned from its mistakes and turned into an intuitive tool. Guessing characters that weren't even famous. Spreading in the prime of Facebook, and a Twitter rookie.

Finally, the year 2012-2014 arrived, when youtubers of great boom, such as Wismichu, and other content creators made Akinator known to the world. Achieving an important reception from the public. Playing jokes and sharing experiences among the community.

How true is Akinator?

Well, Akinator is definitely not a magic game. Rather, it is an interactive program with which you will have a good time trying to confuse the genius and win rounds. Increasing the difficulty each time you get it right. The Akinator algorithm is consistent: ask question, narrow down the options and follow according to the answers.

How to beat Akinator

The ability to grow as a game over the years has its merit. So we could not consider it a fraud, much less cheating. In conclusion, it is a program that has its trick and that has made a place on the web for the entertainment of users in all languages.