Hello world. The following was written 11/20/2014.

What need have I of you? 

What would I have you do? 

What is it I would have you say? 

This gloom that hangs over me every day. 

Like a shadow dancing upon the wall. 

Wiggling and squirming before it falls. 

Dark triggers, out of light. 

Ready to spring into fight. 

The harder I work to clear these seeds. 

The more I'm filled with misery. 

Frustrated by my tears. 

They continuously fall though nothing is clear. 

The constant angst and anxiety. 

Unable to clear what you cannot see. 

Pleading and begging for clarity. 

To understand what is happening. 

Twisted in knots and filled with pain. 

A hurt so deep that it's difficult to explain. 

The sequence repeats itself never complete. 

Hiding in corners making me weep. 

What is this pain that never ends? 

Please Holy Spirit, I don't understand. 

What need have I of you? 

What would I have you do? 

What is it I would have you say? 

Please tell me how to heal this pain! 

What need have you of me? 

What would you have me do? 

What would you have me say? 

Constantly crying, a blubbering fool. 

What is this lesson I need comprehend? 

To finally bring my tears to an end. 

What are your plans for me? 

Was this pain and suffering really of need? 

This devastating cycle needs to end. 

Let me in on your plans. 

To keep on driving down this road. 

No filling stations and not a soul. 

If all that is, is just me. 

Is it any wonder I am filled with such misery? 

This is the loneliest of places Eternity. 

And all because there is only me.

Sabrina Reyenga

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.