America was kind when we had just won a war.  We sent in medics, food, and coalition government to save 'innocent' civilians.  But, this is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to war.  Usually surviving civilians are . . . exterminated!

     If we are attacked by that bottom 1% of Aliens don't expect mercy!

     The Aliens are smart.  They would set up an Alien Government, promise rehabilitation, outlaw guns, and then begin . . . extermination!  And, yes, it's possible they might have us for dinner.  Not guests you understand.  But the Main Course!


     Aliens don't usually use hand laser weapons.  In fact, they are more apt to have guns.  They will probably have on spacesuit like armor protecting them from bullets, poison gas, and biological weapons.  Their spaceships, however, will probably use Directed Energy Weapons of various kinds.  War Robots are also likely.

     Their Spaceships could be large, easily able to transport hundreds of thousands of Alien Troops.








Added Bonus!



This is why we need the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE!  And, yes, our technology is really at this level.  But we have to have the 'guts' to use it.  If we show cowardice we will probably be . . . exterminated!