Dulce Base is located in North New Mexico.  It is just North of Dulce, New Mexico.

     My wife Gabriela and I were sent there by the Government circa 1993.  And, we were lucky to escape!

     We arrived in a government vehicle.  It was deep underground at the end of a two lane asphault road.  There was considerable underground parking with some semi-trucks parked there.  It was a lengthy walk to the entrance in the picture below.  The guard at the door told us to take the elevator to level 7.

     There were two elevators and a man told us to take the one on the right.  He said it was safe and the other wasn't!  As we descended poison gas came from the elevator's ceiling.  As I collapsed I said "I love you" to my wife.  She was laying just to my right.

     I woke up nude in a glass or plastic tube in an oxygenated liquid.  I punched the tube repeatedly and finally it broke and I fell to the concrete floor below.  It was painful but I coughed up the liquid from my lungs.  On finding my wife's tube I did flying side kicks until her tube broke then helped her get the liquid out of her lungs.

     We escaped up an air shaft that led to the surface.  The most difficult feat was to leap through a huge fan near the top.  American soldiers in a jeep drove by and picked us up.

     Foul play is common in the Government but this really made both of us angry.



Phil Schneider




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