As a specialist criminal defense law firm, we here at  the Draper Lawfirm  commonly get asked about our services. This is understandable; until you have been involved with a criminal defense case, you might not realize what our services entail!


As such, we are here today to help explain our services and what criminal defense lawyers do. Should you ever find yourself in need of criminal defense representation, this knowledge will hopefully help you find the right lawyer to support you and your case!



What Criminal Defense Lawyers Do


It might seem easy to assume that lawyers get paid a considerable sum of money just to show up at a court case and spout a few facts about an individual – however, the reality of  what law firms offer  is a lot more complex and involved than this. People must be aware of how lawyers can help them, in case they should ever find themselves needing representative services!




Paperwork – let’s face it, none of us likes having to do it. However, legal cases have a huge amount of paperwork! Luckily, criminal defense lawyers can help you with this, often completing a large amount of the paperwork on your behalf. This means that you can focus your attention on other, more pressing matters.


It also ensures that the paperwork is completed accurately – after all, with so many pages to trawl through, it’s not a surprise that people who don’t fill out paperwork regularly make mistakes! Luckily, your criminal defense lawyer will be well-versed in filling out criminal defense paperwork and so is much less likely to leave anything out.


Uncover the Facts


As part of a criminal defense case, a law firm needs to uncover all of the facts of the case. These facts can then be used to help make a case supporting you. As part of the fact-finding process, your law firm might need to conduct interviews and a thorough investigation; this is something that isn’t easy to do without their support! They also need to analyze the evidence that they uncover which can be challenging in and of itself.


During the Trial


During the trial, your criminal defense lawyer will support you in several ways. As well as providing the courtroom with the evidence they found, your lawyer will also actively fight for your case during the trial and present your plea bargains.