Hello world. The following was written 11/21/2018.

I came across a post today from a brother who was asking a question about hunger. The question was meant to be funny. Yet, there is a real seriousness underlying that question that states my brothers really would like an answer to it.

My brother asks, "Why am I always so damn hungry?"

My response, "Do you really want the answers, for they ARE multifaceted? Humanity is taught to hunger, seek and chase after that which they do not have and more of that which they do in a belief they lack what it is they need. This is the beginnings of the mental construct they have been indoctrinated under. Next would be the content of all that you take into you on all levels. The energy signature that each item is based from will set the bar and stage for your own energy signatures. You become that which you take into you. If you consume poisons you will be poisoning yourself. Consider your foods, music, television, social media and society in general. The amount of negative energy and fake ingredients such as these GMO's have all been created to poison you on a foundation level of being.

These GMO's create a trigger within your body that will have you continuously craving the chemicals that are mixed in with these foods. These chemicals being used are creating chemical addictions within the human body that will slowly shut it down from within causing disease and eventual death. Humanity has been unknowingly killing itself with these fake foods these companies and government entities would push on you. Same with these so called medications they would push on you as well. The medications go hand in hand with these gmo's and are actually gmo's themselves with deadly metals and other chemicals being added in to hurry along the shut down processes. All of it has been designed to pacify you into a herd mentality of blindly following and doing what you are told. All is done to create a permanent customer chain from birth to grave one generation into the next. A slave to their machine of power and control.

The media you take in works on you on a subconscious level of your psyche. The commercials you watch are gauged to get you to consume and believe that you need whatever they are showing you. The products they push are intended to create a false reality. They would have you believe you are what you are not and they want you to be what you were never meant to be. Same with the music, movies, TV shows and news media, they would all sell you a false belief in false facades and masks of insincere friendliness, care and an holding up of lies as being the Truth.

All of these things I have shared and mentioned are a part of that HUNGER Humanity is constantly striving to satisfy unceasingly. Never finding the fulfillment that they are so desperately seeking. What they take into them is shallow unhealthy materials that degrade them from within unknowingly. They are poisoning themselves.

If Humanity would satisfy their Hunger they would do well to look at all they are taking into them and choose to change to a more holistic venue. To make active choices to choose wholesome items to take into themselves over what seems cheap and easy. Even if they would have to grow their own on a windowsill…

If you have the WILL there is a WAY to satisfy your Hunger. Be willing to consider changing all that you are taking within you on all levels of your being. Pay attention to what it is your body and Soul are telling you when they react to what you take into you. If you listen, they WILL tell you what it is they need. Once they get it the Hunger will leave."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.