Going into the 21st century, households are busier than they've ever been before. Often, it came seem like everyone is moving in different directions. Mom and Dad are getting ready for work while the kids get ready for school, then everyone converges again over a rushed dinner to make it out to all the social activities, including sports, church, and dance.

If you're feeling guilty because you don't feel like you're spending enough time with your children, then don't worry. Most studies show that it's not the quantity of time that matters. Instead, what matter is the quality of the time you spend together. Make sure your family gets quality time together throughout the week. This means having opportunities to laugh and talk. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Engage in Fun Sports and Activities Together

Being active with your family is important in order to set habits that last a lifetime. You want healthy kids, and you can also enjoy your time together while maintaining your fitness. Whether you play ping pong in the garage, or Marco Polo in the pool, the important thing is that you have fun. Most people don't realize that pool construction Dallas is an affordable home upgrade that provides many years of family fun.

  1. Read to Them

You don't have to stop reading to your children just because they learned to read on their own. Many times children enjoy sitting and listening to your voice as their imaginations run wild with the unbelievable and fascinating tales they are hearing.

If you read a chapter a night, you can discuss what you read to make sure they are comprehending the story, especially if the story has big words they might not understand. Children who are read to show improved academic performance, no matter what their age.

  1. Have a Family Game Night

Nothing brings joy to a child's face faster than beating their parent at a game of Uno or Chutes and Ladders. Take one night a week to turn off all the digital devices and enjoy a family game night. This is time spent together that everyone will remember fondly in later years.

  1. Be Present in Daily Structure 

A stable home life provides needed structure to a child. They do better when they can count on things to be routine when they get home. In this routine, you can also take one another for granted and only communicate when you pass one another in the hall or when grabbing a bite to eat.

Don't let that happen with your relationship with your child. Make sure you are present and available to them throughout the day. When you are an available parent, you are someone they feel they can open up with. Having a child who talks to you is having a child who is more likely tome good decisions.

Make sure your structure includes sitting together during dinner. It's often at dinner that children remember to tell their parent something about school, whether they need a permission slip signed or the need new sneakers for gym.

You can also be a part of their routine when they're doing homework. While they're doing homework, you could sit at the same table doing a craft. You can be present when they're getting ready for bed, and be there in the mornings when they're eating breakfast.

Just doing one thing mentioned here makes a difference. Some children grow up on homes where an adult is never present. These small things add up to being a parent they will always know cares.

Spending quality time with your children doesn't just benefit them. It benefits you as well. That's your time to forget about work, the bills, or other daily stressors. Having each other creates a strong bond that will last for life. Neither of you may appreciate that now, but 20 and even 30 years from today, you both will.