Not every couple dreams of a lavish wedding, but everyone look towards a wedding they’ll recollect for years to come.

Even if you have less money also, you can have a memorable wedding with imagination is possible. An easy but efficient way to memorize the cake cutting portion of the celebration is by adding personalized bobbleheads. This not only adds a personal touch, but leaves you with a reminder to hold in your display cabinet and recall your wedding.

If you’re considering having a Custom Bobbleheads at, make sure it’s unforgettable with one of our four suggestions:

1 – Pick something amusing

The advantage of having a theme for a wedding is that it helps you to plan the wedding according to your personalities or stories. For example, if laughter is something you and your partner have and bond over, you can break the tradition and add a funny bobblehead to your cake. Try to add some humor to your wedding with the use of bobblehead.

2 – Show your preferences

If you’re one of those who think wedding laws shouldn’t exist, why not flex your imagination by highlighting your interests? If you and your important other bonded on local bowling nights, incorporate it into your bobblehead!

Your bobbleheads may be your favourite characters or mutual hobbies. Present your imagination because it’s a lifetime chance once.

3 – Stick to Custom

Following the customs doesn’t mean that you can’t be imaginative with your cake topper. Instead of sticking to customs, you should try to integrate them into your cake.

For example, a unity bowl is part of wedding tradition. Guests are given stones to put within the cup.

You may consider incorporating this tradition with a bobblehead to the cake topper, showing both of you partner holding the decorative mug. For most countries, a cake topper is also a tradition, so this is a must-have!

4 – Go with the season

If your wedding theme is based around the season, why not fit your bobbleheads in it? If you are having a beach wedding, get your personalized bobblehead dress up in sea-flowered shirts. If you are having a wedding during Christmas, integrate snow, Christmas sweaters and Christmas decoration to stick to the season!


Small personal touches make weddings unforgettable. When selecting a supplier for your custom things, make sure you go to a store to ensure you to get a high-quality personalized bobblehead at right on time.

Always read feedback, double check the details you see, and learn to ask the right questions to ensure the best custom cake your wedding can have.Wedding customs changed greatly over the years. There’s no reason you shouldn’t push the envelope from digital invites to intricate same-day edits and odd wedding loot bags.