Custom bobbleheads are one of the best exclusive gifts you can give your family, friends, or even event guests. What makes them unique is that you can personalize every detail they have. You can dress a friend like a businessman or a superhero, depending on whom you want them to associate. You can use Custom Bobbleheads at as toppers for any case.

Many bobblehead companies run as internet businesses with no physical location. The good thing is you can order pieces whenever you want. However, since they only transact electronically, you can not completely guarantee the quality of their goods until they hit your door.

That said, here are few things you should remember when ordering custom bobbleheads online:

Material of the product
Until finalizing an order, make sure you ask about the content they use. This will help ensure you pay for a better product. The industry-standard material used in bobbleheads is polyresin. This medium helps manufacturers to customize entirely, integrating fine details into their crafts.

However, they also involve a time-consuming procedure. That’s why some businesses prefer alternatives like polymer clay. This specific material is relatively fragile, so avoid purchasing bobbleheads from this material.

Form of body character
Besides its actual head, you can also customize the bobblehead body. Two styles of body types are used to make custom bobbleheads: full custom and regular body.

Accessories of character
Another design-related factor to remember is the custom accessories you might want to include in the design. It’s popular in customized cosplay figures. Be sure to ask your supplier about fees, as they typically charge based on design size, colour variation, and complexity.

Phase proofing
Many bobblehead companies have evidence that consumers can accept, reject or request changes to the object. Changing, however, requires additional fees depending on their complexity. Some businesses offer unlimited proofing, but some make few changes. Speak to your supplier about their proofing process beforehand.

Additional copies
To offer personalized bobbleheads as party favors, you can ask your supplier for additional copies of their fees and discounts. Some businesses offer discounts for bulk orders. This can vary from 25 to 50% off the retail price, depending on the number of copies you order.

What’s Bobbleheads made of?

Bobbleheads can be made from different materials. Most popular is resin and plastic. Some bobbleheads can be ceramic or wood.

What makes resin a goodoption for making bobblehead is that they are strong and robust, allowing greater body shape. Meanwhile, a prototype makes plastic bobbleheads.


Custom bobbleheads can’t go wrong. The benefit of these items is you can customize them to your taste. When shopping online, you should remember many items. For example, review how a specific organization responds to requests and redesigns. Doing so would help ensure you get your money’s full worth.