When it is finally Christmas Eve, it means you have survived through all the hustle and bustle of the season. It is time to rest and soak in the enjoyment and spirit of Christmas itself. Put on your Christmas jacket and spend quality time with family and friends. To make those moments even more memorable we have 10 awesome ideas for you to try. Take part and involve your family in some fun Christmas activities. The memories will be a great way to end your year and begin a new one. Most of our ideas will not take too much effort to put together so you can keep it low-key.


  1. White Elephant Game

The White Elephant is a fun way to spend time, especially if you have a big family. You will be involved in a night of laughter and cheer while playing this game. With all the gift cards and fun gag presents the evening will scarcely have a dull moment.


  1. Christmas Baking

Christmas cookies are an age-old tradition that makes up almost half of the Christmas spirit. And the smells of baking in the house just makes it cozier and warmer for the winter night. Spread the cheer even further by baking some extra batches to distribute in your neighborhood. A delicious gesture that people will remember long after Christmas is gone.


  1. The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Why not have a Christmas outfit 2020 competition with your family? A perfect time to pull out your ugly Christmas sweaters and be the star of the show. Ask everyone to vote for the best or more accurately, worst, Christmas sweater by the end of the evening. Hand around little candy presents and give extra marks to the person who has DIYed their sweater.


  1. Craft Christmas Cards

Arts and crafts are an activity that can involve everyone from adults to children. And will create bonding moments that you are sure to cherish. Dig out some brushes and paints to make personalized cards for everyone. Homemade cards will be a heartfelt finishing touch for your Christmas presents.


  1. Care Packages

Care packages are an incredible way to include loved ones and people in need in the Christmas cheer. Also, it helps the young ones at your house that the true joy of Christmas is in giving. You can also send them to soldiers overseas who are unable to celebrate Christmas with their families. The packages can also be sent after Christmas to extend the holiday season till New Year.


  1. Christmas Crafts

There can never be to many Christmas crafts! Bring out all the paper, glue, and glitter in your house and craft away. Children will love to make DIY Christmas ornaments, garlands,  and anything else they can think of. The best way to keep everyone involved in the season’s cheer.


  1. Letter to Santa Clause

We are obviously leaving the big guy plenty of milk and cookies. But a handwritten letter will be the cherry on top. Help the kids write personalized thank-you letters for Santa. A fun way to get their creative brain cells going by encouraging them to stay on Santa’s nice list.


  1. Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Baking cookies is always a great activity for Christmas. But you can also make an impressive Gingerbread House for all to enjoy! It is also easy to get a kit from the store to make things less hectic for you. Have a decorating competition to spice up things a little. Or just spend a couple of hours in a leisure decoration session.


  1. Read a Christmas Story

Telling Stories is a tradition that fits in quite well with the magical charm of Christmas Eve. There are so many amazing classics to choose from for a reading session. It is a great way to teach your children Christmas values and how it is not just about presents. And they are interesting for adults in the family too. Because who doesn’t love a good warm Christmas tale?


  1. Hot Cocoa Bar

A unique and delicious idea for a Christmas party or just a private gathering of friends and family. Hot cocoa is a fantastic way to warm everyone up on a chilly night in December. Arrange everything you need to make a tasty hot chocolate mug. Also lay the table with add-ons like sprinkles, sauces, candy, and more. There is basically no end to a sweet treat when it comes to hot chocolate.

Here ends our list of fun ideas for Christmas Eve that you can immensely enjoy with your loved ones. The holiday is all about the gift of giving more than receiving and sharing happiness with others. With simple little gestures and traditions, you can make Christmas memorable for yourself and others. Just take the time to recognize the true meaning represented by the holiday.