YouTube is one of those platforms that have been performing well since it was launched in 2005. And is now one of the most used social media platform with over 2 billion users. So if any brand wants to create an online presence, one must utilize this video based platform.


Why every brand needs a YouTube channel?


Here are 4 reasons every brand needs a YouTube channel:

1.   Reach wide audience: 

YouTube is considered to be the 2nd largest search engine and processes over three billion searches in a month. This is all due to the fact that human brain processes videos better as compared to text.

There is variety of content which can be made on YouTube. Such as How-to videos, explainer videos in which brands can highlight the features of their products, review videos, haul videos etc.


Why every brand needs a YouTube channel


2.   Visibility on Google:

Google owns YouTube which is the most popular search engine. YouTube increases visibility on Google for any brand that wants to establish a prominent online presence. Google includes video results in different searches so if right key-words are searched then there is change that the video from YouTube might show up in the Google search results.

Why every brand needs a YouTube channel


3.   Enhances Brand messaging:


YouTube videos can help in making your brand message clearer. For example, if the brand wants to attract millennials then by making a fun and creative video, showing the current employees working in a creative environment can set the whole tone for your brand. Similarly, if a brand is ecofriendly, then making videos showing the ways of how ecofriendly the brand is, it could attract the environmentally conscious people towards your brand.

4.   More web traffic:

Generating traffic is important as it brings more people towards your brand which might turn into potential customers. So if in YouTube description backlinks are provided then people would find you easily, which can increase the traffic on your website.


Why every brand needs a YouTube channel


5.   Ads on YouTube:


The brands can utilize ADs on YouTube to promote your brand. If brand has a product which they want to promote then they can run ads on YouTube. YouTube will show the ads to the targeted audience. Similarly, brand can even earn through ads on YouTube. If there are ads on the videos posted by the brand then they will get paid. The more views the video gets, the more income you will make.


Why every brand needs a YouTube channel