Center of Artificial Intelligence and informational system ethics is gathering information about unethical and illegal usage of private data, violation of human rights by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. COVID-19 pandemic has become a renaissance for unethical & illegal usage of digital technologies by corporations and state entities against common people. If you know a case of such activity you may share this information with us.

We will use info, that you send us to protect other people from unethical use of their data, violation of their rights by the AI and algorithms by creating instructions, safety cods, different methods to neglect or avoid  negative influences of AI, and information systems for people.

Please send your cases anonymously if possible.

You may send your cases here just name a topic of the letter as “Case for CEAIIS”

Every bit of intel on this matter counts.

CEAIIS is a group of volunteers that works worldwide. It s goal is to create a body of knowledge that depends on real cases for future harmonic relations between human being and information systems\ Artificial intelligence.

Stay safe, protect your privacy, know the dangers of AI.

Our website (eng. version is in progress):