Coast To CoastAM deals in the following video with Warp Drive and Teleportation.  I maintain that this has already been done!




     In 1972 I tested Warp Drive.  We used warp drive to exit Earth orbit to enter Mars orbit.  There was another Astronaut with me and both of us went through the warp process successfully.  My partner then teleported to the Martian surface using one way teleportation.  He materialized twenty feet above the Martian surface and dropped down.

     He then set up equipment so that I could precisely appear in a cave that he had found.  This worked.  The test was successful.  Warp Drive and Teleportation works.

     So all of this attempt to achieve the speed of light is not absolutely necessary.  And, the speed of light is actually quite . . . slow.  I once watched the speed of light on a computer program called 'The Universe Sandbox'.  It seemed to take forever for light to go to Mars.  It actually takes about 9 minutes but sitting there anxiously waiting made it seem to take a really long time.

     So, how does Warp Drive and Teleportation work?

      It's easier to bend space then attempt to achieve light speed.  How do we bend space?  Everything is a light wave!  Light waves are everything, therefore light waves can do everything!  What distingues one light wave from another?  Frequency!  Find the right frequency and you can do anything.  

     NASA worked hard and found the right frequency.  It brings two distant points tight together by bending space/time.  And, you just plop right through that tight little black hole to your diestination!  You feel woozy for a second or two but you're 100% if you have used the exact correct frequency.  Of course, your body got crushed!  But as long as it pops back you're OK.  Anyway, despite the gory details, it works!

     [It's a great life if you don't weaken!]

     And, since teleportation is an external device instead of an internal warp drive device it uses exactly the same frequency.

     Later, I went to the Cigar Galaxy using this Warp Drive.  The only negative was that I got attacked by the Cigar Galaxy Beings!  We need better stealth.

     We've got to stop being squemish and start establishing Colonies in each of the one Trillion visible Galaxies! 

     [Note:  I don't know the frequency used.  I don't know any of the Engineers that worked on the project.  I don't even know for sure they were NASA employees, but the experiment took place at a NASA facility in 1972.]