When I was in Junior High in Lima, Ohio, my parents let me go by myself to Daytona Beach Shores where my aunt and uncle owned a small motel on the beach.  I was thrilled to see the Ocean for the first time, and spent most of my days on the beach.  I loved the fresh clean air and the sound of the surf coming in.  Spent much time in the ocean body surfing.

I had a bad experience on the greyhound bus and my parents contacted friends who were in Daytona, and they agreed to bring me back home.  They lived in Zanesville, Ohio. My trip back with them would impact me for a lifetime. We were in the smoky Mountains and visited a Cherokee village.  It was there that I first learned of The Trail Of Tears, and how they were forced to leave their homeland and march by foot out West.

I loved the mountains when I first saw them on my bus trip down to Daytona.  

 I felt at home there also in the clean fresh air and steams and rivers. I have been an explorer from a very young age.  The following Native Wisdom will give you some insight .  The circle Of Life has 4 directions and 4 virtues. the Cross inside the Circle touch all 4 direction.  There are 4Virtuesinside this Circle Of Life.  COURAGE, STRENGHT, WISDOM AND GENEROSITY.  EACH OF US IN BORN WITH ONE OF THESE VIRTUES. You most find the other virtues within you.   I know the virtue I was born with was courage, and have found the other three Virtues within me.

From a young age I stood and spoke out against injustice. the Billy Jack Movie was instrumental in grounding me in this.  'One Tin  Song  and its message of Peace On Earth is a message Most do not understand, sadly.

The following 5 Video will open your eyes to Real Truth:


1989 - American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies at Senate Hearing


Colorado Experience: Sand Creek Massacre


10 Atrocities Committed Against Native Americans In Recent History



American Holocaust | The Genocide of Native Americans | Crimes against humanity

There are good and bad white people as well as Native People.  Unfortunately the Bad People were the so called 'victors'.

I hope and pray this helps you to understand the Travesty of INJUSTICE!