Hello world. The following was written 1/7/2018.

As the trumpet sounds, the masses bare witness to the Truth unveiled. All those who have been working to subjugate and enslave the people will be brought forth and held accountable for the atrocities they have committed against Humanity! We regain our Sovereignty to self govern.

The sound of the trumpet will reach every nook and crevice. There will not be a single ear not pierced from it's call. For as it's sound fades away the wave it created washes over all. No longer will Humanity allow the false facades and masks to divide us.

We are One race of beings called the Human Race! We are the race of Humanity! We come in different sizes, shapes, colors and genders, yet we are all the same despite these shells we inhabit. We have been trained to perceive separation and division. We have been trained to be willing slaves.

The Trumpet has sounded. The masses arise to its call. No longer will we lay down and submit to these beings who have chosen to enslave their brothers instead of free them….

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.