Hello world. The following was written 1/9/2016.

Contemplating a sayings I grew up hearing such as, "You can pick your friends. But you cannot pick your family."

Guess what? BULLSHIT!!!!!!

Holy Spirit and my Guides state, "You get to pick who your family will be. Each and every one of you get to pick who you want to have as your family. Anytime you choose a Spouse or Life partner, you are choosing who your family will be in that moment. That being is your Choice! Key here is understanding that your other family's opinions and judgments about that Being mean absolutely nothing. When push comes to shove they no longer matter. They are not paying your bills or putting a roof over our head any longer. You are no longer answerable to them for anything nor for any reason.

So why continue listening to their vitriol? Why continue giving credence to the garbage they believe to be true? You are capable of looking within yourself to find what it is you hold forth as Truth. You have a choice. YOU, HAVE A CHOICE. The choice is yours. THE CHOICE, IS YOURS! You choose what you want to believe in. You choose what you will place your faith in. You choose who YOUR family will be.

In the end… no one's thoughts or opinions will matter except your own. You are the one that has to live with your choices. So why give someone else the power to dictate who you are going to spend your life with? Why allow someone else to dictate what you do and when you do it? Why continue blindly following and believing in everything you were brainwashed to accept? You are taught to believe blood is the tie that binds you as a family. Yet, they never asked how many people in the world have their same blood type?!? Are you also related to all of them as well?"

This is a conversation I am having with Holy Spirit and my Guides. These are Their corrections to me about this angst that my family has been going through. Holy Spirit and my Guides are reminding me again that it is just that…THEIRS. It is whatever they are holding forth as being true and of value that is causing them the pain and misery they are experiencing. They are doing it all to themselves with their judgements. The more they try to shame, guilt, blame, control and manipulate the more they will suffer. They do it all to themselves. It eats away at them from within. Killing their bodies one cell at a time. No one is doing this to them. They do it all to themselves.

Holy Spirit and my Guides state, "You have shared your Truths and they refuse to hear or see them. Each judgment instantly responds with splintering pain and suffering. Karma is now on speed dial. In standing in Their Truth and Light I am Healed. Healed of all diseases. Do I really want to slide back into the pain and suffering I have been so shortly released from? Do I want sickness, death and suffering everyday?"

No, NO and NO!

Holy Spirit and my Guides state, "Then do not take on your family's beliefs as your own. Let them keep their beliefs. Let them have the creation of Hell they have made for themselves. You have shown them your Truth as I have shown you. It is their choice to continue to believe what they do. Each path is valid. You have each made your choice. Be at ease with that."

But I do not want them to continue suffering.

Holy Spirit and my Guides state, "YOU do not have a choice in this. It is their choice to believe as they do. You cannot drag them into the Light. They must come willingly. Until they do you must allow and accept their choices. You do not need to take them in as yours though. That would not be conducive to right minded thinking or loving. For in doing so you hurt not only you but them as well. In that instant they are no longer afforded your Light. You have instead hidden your Light within their darkness from yourself. Is this what you would do?"


Holy Spirit and my Guides state, "Then be at ease and allow them their beliefs. Do not withhold your love from them. For it is now that they will need it most. Love them from a distance. There is no need for you to stand there taking a beating for what they are choosing to believe."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.